It’s a time-honored tradition in America for the editors of publications both large and small to carefully consider candidates for political office and then to issue an endorsement to its readers – or as happens in this age of online publications, to its users.

Boomeon is no different. I’ve looked at all of the different candidates through the particular lens of being a Baby Boomer, and having done so thoughtfully and at  length one conclusion repeats itself to me over and over: Baby Boomer Need Donald Trump.

The list of reasons why I think Baby Boomers need Donald Trump is extensive, but here’s a quick run-down:

On economic issues, Trump patently knows what it takes for businesses – and thus the economy – to succeed. He is proposing the elimination of corporate income taxes, and a substantial reduction and simplification of personal income taxes in the form of his 1/5/10/15 plan. The inheritance tax would also be eliminated – and let’s face it , as Baby Boomers  this is on the minds of many of us more and more – as well as lower the capital gains tax. Revenues would instead be generated by creating a 20% import tariff and a 15% tax on outsourcing to foreign countries. He would also take a tougher stance overall on trade negotiations – which shouldn’t be a problem for the man who wrote The New York Times bestseller The Art of the Deal. Finally, Trump favors implementing an energy policy that would end cap-and-trade in favor of more free-market policies.

His other domestic policies would likewise help to re-fire the economic and social engines of this country. He would return control of schools to where it belongs – the local level – and remove any federal requirement that schools implement the Common Core curriculum, which will be loved by teachers everywhere. He also believes that same-sex marriage is an issue that’s better decided locally than by the federal government, and is a supporter of traditional marriages.

Trump would also work on replacing the Affordable Care Act, which has been a burden on insurance companies, with free-market initiatives. He would also work to ensure that Social Security and Medicare remain appropriately funded – two programs that are, and will continue to be, of ever-increasing importance to Baby Boomers.

Although he apparently favors a ban on some assault weapons and longer waiting periods before gun purchase, he is also an ardent supporter of the Second Amendment and the right of Americans to keep and bear arms.

He is pro-life, a position I agree with whole-heartedly.

On the foreign policy front, Trump favors the restoration of many things that once made America great, including a more robust, revitalized military capable of both national defense and projecting American power wherever it’s necessary in the world, and up to such tasks as eliminating the threat of ISIS and others of their kind.

Like him or not , Donald Trump's "drive to accomplish" is one of the missing elements in our array of Presidential contenders that are seeking election.  He is an accomplished business man.  He understands how to make our economy strong.  He loves the United States of America and wants to make it the powerhouse it once was, and respected by all other nations. He wants to make our streets safer.

Donald Trump can't be bought.

In short, he is the John Wayne our Country needs now.

And that’s why, after deliberation on all of these things, I’ve decided to endorse Donald Trump’s bid to be the next President of the United States.