From gugu gaga to rolling over then walking like a dancing toy, anything and everything this little bundle of love does is awesomeness. Now, as for new mothers, what can my baby do this month is an exciting question to follow? Your newborn baby is rapidly adjusting to the environment, it is put to face. Being a newborn, his aim would possibly be to sleep and be fed at this stage.

A Lot Of It

Your baby might seem like he isn’t doing much but he is observing a lot of what’s happening around him. He loves to look at your face and keeps studying your features during the oh my baby, cuddle cuddle times. He tries to mimic you and your expressions specifically. You can try sticking out your tongue to know if he is trying to mimic you. If he does, that moment is going to stick in your mind forever. That cute!


Food is an important lesson to be learnt as a parent. Proper food in the infant stage for a baby decides its strength for the rest of its life. It may however take a while for you both to come in sync with the patterns of feeds and naps.

Crying And Soothing

Your baby cannot reveal much or convey whatever it wishes to convey. He is all busy expressing his wishes through possible expressions he grabbed during the first few days. One of the major expressions is crying. It is an absolute sign of disappointment. He is unhappy and wants you to know how unhappy he is. That is how he communicates. Moreover, the one thing you might want to do at this time is calm down and soothe him. This is a bit possible by giving something to suck. If he is unsettled, then this might be a solution.

Before pushing a dummy to your baby, make sure you have tried other ways to calm him down. Give him your breast or a bottle. Cuddling and rocking could be a fine solution to calm him down. If he still seems to be unsettled, then a dummy should do the work. If you do make a choice to use a dummy, check out for an orthodontic model. These help in developing teeth and gums.


Understand your baby’s sensitivity. He is sensitive to bright lights. It makes him frown. You will find him turning his head away from sources of light. So, keep it dim when it comes your love bundle’s room. He might be fascinated by shadows on walls. Being quiet and alert works for a shorter time period. Now, this is your chance to start communicating with him. Play and talk with him and try to spend most of your time with him. If he is not receptive, he might be distracted or feeling sleepy, so don’t push him to receptive. Noises and high-contrast colors, patterns attract him. Try keeping such toys and stuff handy to see him smile or calm him during a loud I’m going to cry session.

If at all you have any questions at all about your baby’s development, you can check out, on how to tackle the changes and track baby development.


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