Backyard Grilling Is Maryland’s Favorite Summer Pastime – Some Revealing Statistics With spring in full swing and summer just around the corner, more and more Americans are beginning to think ‘backyard barbecue,’ and with good reason – Americans absolutely love grilling outdoors and hosting social events/celebrations. Although the southern states get to enjoy grilling all year round, those of us in the northern climates have to wait for the summer. However, with the summer slowly arriving, it is time to contemplate upgrading to the world’s finest outdoor stoves and ovens such as those at If you need persuading, check out the following statistics from a 2015 survey revealed below.

HPBA Poll – Barbecue Lifestyle, Usage & Attitude

Just a couple years ago, the Hearth, Patio & Barbeque Association set out to poll Americans on outdoor cooking. Barbecue is used generically for ease, but their poll included such things as grilling, smoking and all manner of cooking outside. The fuels used weren’t of much relevance because the types of grills, stoves, and ovens were inclusive of those fired up by wood, gas, and charcoal, and they referred to outdoor barbecuing within this broad context.

Revealing Statistics

Would you believe that three-quarters of American adults own some form of outdoor grill, which is inclusive of smokers? Of those, 63% use their grills around the year (not just seasonally) and about 43% cook outdoors at least once every month. They also found that:

  • Almost 33% intend to cook outdoors more often than in the past.
  • More than 10% use their grills for breakfast on occasions.
  • Almost two-thirds of grills used are powered by gas. 
  • Few people use pellet grills. 

You can speculate that a reason why pellet grills are the least favorable and not commonly used is because they are a relatively new phenomenon brought about by a huge focus on sustainability. However, there is some amount of controversy as to which is more sustainable – wood or pellet stoves. Though, it is expected that there will be a rise in sales for the pellet stove in the coming years.

Interesting Facts and Statistics

While this may not surprise you, the biggest outdoor barbecuing events tied for first place and include Labor Day, the Fourth of July, and Memorial Day. Father’s Day was a close second, and rounding out in the last position is Mother’s Day. Therefore, these statistics and results show that Americans will usually coincide celebrations and American traditions with the use of a barbecue. This is because it is outside in the summer months, offers a fun alternative and can include friends and family to participate in a social event.

If you are among the tens of millions of Americans who are passionate about backyard grilling, this is the year to look at new ways to serve up all those traditional favorites. From ovens and stoves to pellet powered grills, you can enjoy the best summer barbecues and host for friends and families who will never forget such a grilling experience.