Future Mobility Corporation Ltd. in Shanghai officially announced the brand English name BYTON and Chinese name worship Teng. Baideng brand product positioning is the next generation of intelligent terminals, which is the three products into one masterpiece, including a smart Internet access equipment, a mobile luxury living room and a pure electric car. The critical point Sensor of the transformation of the automotive industry is coming, the Internet will replace the performance, life will replace the driving.

Driven by technological innovations such as electrification, seamless interconnection and autopilot, the automotive industry is undergoing profound changes, and the era of interconnected cars is coming. 'One of the core highlights of Teng's is the new user interface; just as the mobile phone industry changes from tradition to intelligence, the new ones are new,' said Bi Fukang, who is 'a pioneer in the field of interconnected cars.' The user interface will also open a new century in the travel area. ' The user interface includes: 125cm long, 25cm sharing experience screen (SED), the screen display content can be shared with other passengers in the car to create a shared living room feel; touch steering wheel (Touch Wheel, which allows the driver Temperature Sensor  to control the SED in real time, while ensuring security; gesture recognition, face recognition, emotional recognition and other functions, providing intuitive, unprecedented human-computer interaction experience.

BYT will also be equipped with a new digital ecosystem BYTON Life. This open software platform will have better navigation, music, telephone, parking and other basic functions, can achieve real-time synchronization of mobile phones and cars, and can be customized for drivers and passengers personalized application. At the same time, BYTON Life will also support the customer's personalized settings data stored in the cloud and real-time synchronization, through biometrics and other functions, BYTON will automatically identify the customer identity, and download the customer's personal settings from the cloud, even in the vehicle to share In the case, BYTON can also make the customer feel as in their own car, so as to truly 'seamless Internet life'. Will be a new design language with a medium-sized luxury smart SUV; new car smart front face (Smart Surface) design fuel metering valve perfect integrated intelligent sensor and camera, and strengthen the characteristics of intelligent vehicle interconnection; the use of electric vehicle structural advantages, will achieve The internal space to maximize; flat car floor and rotating seats, so that the interaction between the occupants of the car more convenient.

Dai Lei said that as a innovation-driven start-up enterprises, its business philosophy to 'modesty' as the core concept, advocating simple, pragmatic, open and customer-centric. 'The traditional automotive industry is becoming more and more complex in business organization and product design, giving consumers a lot of inconvenience, such as tedious sales and service processes, various technical terms, and difficult interface,' he said. Teng to do is to eliminate these inconvenience, so that every link is more simple, allowing users to fully enjoy their own time.

To this end, Baideng plans to use a combination of sales network, on the one hand the use of AR, VR and AI and other latest technology, the establishment of advanced online direct marketing channels; the other hand, with the local best retailers, , So as to fully combine the two advantages to meet the different types of customer needs. In terms of services, BYTON will build a strong team and digital system, real-time synchronization Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor of customers in the cloud of basic information, driving habits and vehicle conditions for customers to achieve 'one-click' service.