Baidu's unmanned technology, with support for multi-vehicle, cross-platform capacity, the majority of models for our own brand. Without the driver, the vehicle will be able to travel at the fastest speed of 60 kilometers, encounter pedestrians or obstacles to automatically stop, but also to achieve change, according to the traffic lights Sensor and other functions. There are two tablet computers in the car, one in front of the co-pilot, the other in the front passenger seat behind, can be removed real-time attention to the surrounding traffic and the vehicle's own operating conditions, and 2D and 3D mode switch.

Before the vehicle is driven, the driver only needs to click on the two tablet computers to determine the vehicle and the system self-test is correct, began to normal driving. Before starting, the tablet placed in front of the front passenger's seat displays the 2D image instantly, showing the route of the entire vehicle during operation and the vehicle running plan. The rear side of the driver's seat shows the image is three-dimensional, from the roof radar real-time acquisition and sent over the radar map. When the unmanned vehicle is launched, the steering wheel starts Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor to automatically turn and automatically drives according to the previously set route. On the road, unmanned vehicles in accordance with the standard road driving specifications change, according to the navigation into the middle lane, and the car in the process of driving, has been in the middle of the road dotted line. The distance error between the unmanned vehicle and the dashed line is controlled in centimeters.

Unmanned car because of its perception system. 8 sensors composed of unmanned car perception system, like a person's eyes, to the unmanned car every moment to enter the surrounding external information; completely independent research and development of vehicle computing center, can complete Baidu computing brain perception, decision-making, planning , Control all the calculations. Can not find parking spaces, reversing is 'Mishap', the car could not find, intelligent parking robots will be able to solve these troublesome problems. Intelligent parking system Garage on the ground painted with a similar 'XY axis' of the landmark line, horizontal and vertical cross point on the two-dimensional code. In addition, the library only a row of neat rows of rectangular steel plate. When the vehicle is in storage, the camera Temperature Sensor on the door recognizes the license plate number, the grating and so on. The driver will drive the car into the parking table. After getting off, the driver gets the car code at the parking screen. The whole process is less than half a minute.
Take the car, enter the car code, sweep the phone with the subsequent display of the two-dimensional code to pay parking fees, the car will then be intelligent parking robot automatically transported to the exit.

If it is in a 2000 square meters of garage operation, the whole one-way process but also 2 minutes. Two equipped with the Nokia 5G car network system MAGOTAN car is running trial. In the trunk, the installation of a toolbox size of the intelligent car unit, the system can be achieved with cars, cars and road facilities and vehicles and pedestrians between the Internet, interoperability. When the road car A is traveling in front, the road car B is followed by the rear; when the relative distance is less than a certain distance, such as 1000 meters, when the A car emergency braking, B car will be prompted to 'slow down / brake.' Nokia 5G car network is a self-driving auxiliary system, real-time communication Speed Sensor to support the vehicle handling driver did not notice, and the vehicle sensor can not identify the situation, improve the driver's ability to predict, by supporting a series of applications to expand the vehicle's electronic vision, Improve the safety and reliability of automatic driving, road traffic safety and so on.