Baidu at its three-day CES Asia conference showcased its Baidu autopilot at CES Asia. The public road test of the new automatic driving car by Baidu, Great Wall Motor and NVIDIA jointly produced. Among them, the Great Wall car provides Sensor  a vehicle and a powerful chassis control technology, NVIDA provides a supercomputer Drive PX2 chip, can automatically drive the complex computing to provide strong performance support.

  Baidu offers autopilot key sensor solutions and end-to-end depth learning autopilot solutions. Baidu said that with the past, the road test vehicles using the country's first single-camera based on the end of the end of the depth of learning automatic driving solutions. Baidu will open more automatic driving and car networking related technology accumulation and ability, mature Suction Control Valve and reliable hardware design, production testing, continuous supply service capabilities to promote the promotion of the automotive industry a comprehensive upgrade to accelerate the production and popularization of automatic driving.

   The CES Asia Baidu automatic driving car through 6 weeks of closed venues training and learning, from 0 to 100% to achieve the successful completion of the whole process of automatic driving. According to reports, the road test vehicle learning driving school coach driving habits, including the slow down before entering the corners, out of the corners after the acceleration and other actions, can naturally imitate the driving habits of human drivers, driving feel Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor more comfortable and natural. With the depth of learning technology evolving, the future owners will be tuned to meet the personal driving habits of the automatic driving car.

   Baidu announced the launch of the Road Hackers autopilot platform, which provides a demonstration of Chinese road driving data, a demonstration of autopilot algorithms based on deep learning, and benchmarking Speed Sensor of autopilot algorithms, and opens 10,000 kilometers of autopilot training data in the first phase.