Good Morning and Happy Weekend to us all!  Just reaching out to see if anyone here has decided to declare bankruptcy and if so, what has been your experience?   A little background:  53 years old, single Mom to a 16 year old.  Never received child support and Dad is not around to help in any way, so I've done it myself.  I worked in a non profit and have been very stably employed but sometimes you have to rob Peter to pay Paul right?  I also have mounds of  student loan debt that will never go away, so I have to accept that and continue to chip away.  I was a non traditional student finishing my BS in Psychology when I became pregnant with my son, but I did finish...yay me!  So.  After battling the demons for years, and being garnished for old debt in the past, I decided to pull the trigger and file yesterday to protect what I do have.  All the debt  is at least 10 years old except for one dental bill.  Long story.  I live on cash, not credit and manage my money wisely, so I feel badly having to do this, but my budget is tight so anything can upset the apple cart.  Anyone gone through this in the past or recently and can tell me what to expect ?  I appreciate it.  I feel like a major load is off my back today, but I am a bit apprehensive about the future.