With the development of China's auto industry is gradually mature, parts enterprises are facing greater challenges. The traditional rely on low-cost winning strategy has no obvious advantages, innovative technology is the parts company to win the market ace. MEMS pressure sensor as a high value-added products, greatly adapted to the automotive industry, intelligent, electronic development trend, and the automotive market for MEMS pressure sensor is a strong demand for the development of this business Sensor is the direct driving force. In recent years, MEMS pressure sensors in the field of passenger cars and commercial vehicles has been widely used, the product can not only be used independently of the engine, automatic transmission and automatic air conditioning, but also in the form of electronic components in the ABS, ESP and other integrated System is widely used. In addition, in view of the continuous improvement of national emission standards, the engine technology is increasing, the future through the pressure sensor to achieve effective control of vehicle exhaust and high pressure state of the engine pressure test is particularly important. So it is not difficult to conclude that the application of MEMS pressure sensor is very broad prospects.

  Domestic parts and components of the brutal competition so that we realize that industrial upgrading without delay, technology and quality of the key enterprises to successfully break the key. In order to ensure that Paulon in the MEMS pressure sensor technology innovation and leadership, the company from the early in the company set up a professional R \u0026 D team, but also hired experts in the field of sensors to teach the basic principles, and the effective combination of the actual production process, Greatly enhance Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor the technical advantages of the product. In addition, in the field of sensors, the company also with the domestic well-known universities for school-enterprise cooperation, access to considerable technical support, and participated in the national sensor research projects. The reason why the MEMS pressure sensor can be easily miniaturized is that the bending amount of the diaphragm can be directly captured as a change in the resistance of the piezoelectric resistance element, thereby realizing a simple element structure. In addition, through the use of thin-film technology, micro-processing technology and packaging technology, but also reduce the size of the sensor components, to achieve the industry's smallest.

  Many domestic parts and components of the chip is mainly provided by the foreign, in terms of production costs are often subject to foreign. And Paulon developed with independent intellectual property rights of the MEMS sensor chip, while ensuring the technical leadership, but also to enable companies to effectively control costs, to provide customers with space for price cuts, greatly enhance the company's competitiveness in the field The Baolong has independently developed a sensor production line. The company first developed for the characteristics of independent chip and process automation packaging equipment, one of the most is the core of the expansion of crystal, solid crystal, gold ball Temperature Sensor and sealing plastic and other automated equipment. In addition, it also created an efficiency of 15 seconds / a fully automated assembly line production line, this production line can achieve the free production of products to switch, the site of the random adjustment and increase or decrease, to fast-paced, flexible features effectively improved Sensor production efficiency.

  Baolong another obvious advantage is that you can always meet the needs of customers, to provide customized products. , Paulon has a broad customer base, in order to meet the needs of different customers, the company has the ability to provide customized products for customers in the past few years with customers in the process of cooperation, Paul's MEMS pressure sensor technology innovation capability has been widely recognized The The engine intake pressure sensor has been applied Speed Sensor  in some foreign engine plants. In addition, Paul's gearbox pressure sensor and air conditioning pressure sensor business is also actively developing. At present in the MEMS pressure sensor supporting business, Baolong not only in the foreign market success, but also has received a number of well-known domestic OEMs of all ages, with these customers to establish a stable and cooperative relations. Although the MEMS pressure sensor in the Chinese market is still in its infancy, but in view of the strong market demand, the future of Paul's MEMS pressure sensor business will show high-speed growth.