Kitchens are the center of a home so it is important that you pay special attention to the layout and design of the kitchen. The efficiency of the kitchen depends on a lot on how you furnish and it. The kitchen should have all the essential tools and equipment so that it not just looks beautiful but is also functional.

Here is a simple guide for people who are looking to set up their first kitchen.

Getting the prep ware:

In a kitchen, you will need to slice and dice meat, fruits, and vegetables so having prepared in the kitchen is a basic thing that should be available in every kitchen. Make sure that you have sharp knives so that whenever required you can do your work without any problem. Two knives that are most important part of the kitchen are good-quality chef knives to take care of the big stuff and a paring knife for the small food products. Use the knives that feel comfortable in your hand and are well balanced.

Cutting boards:

These are an essential part of the kitchen because you will need a place to cut the food products. You can either use wooden or plastic cutting boards in your kitchen. The wooden boards are easy on the blades and they do not have any negative effect on the condition of the knives. You should have a separate cutting board for different food products. Keep one each for vegetables, meat, seafood, and poultry. If you do not have the space to put that many boards then you should carefully sanitize them if you use them for seafood or raw meat. It will help in preventing food contamination.

Tools for prep work:

The kitchen should always be well-stocked with tools that are useful in the prepping process. The tools you should have at least include a pair of tongs, vegetable peeler, and can opener. There are so many other tools available in the market that will make the work much easier and efficient.


It is not possible to have a functional kitchen without the right cookware. You should choose the cookware that you find easy and simple to use. The non-stick saucepans are a good choice because they are easy to clean as the food does not stick to it. The size of the pots should also be according to the portions that you need to cook. You should also buy a non-stick frying pan as it is used for making several basic things like omelet, pancakes etc.


The appliances like ranges and refrigerators are also an essential part of the kitchen. The ranges will provide stoves for cooking while the refrigerators will keep the food safe and fresh. These appliances should be chosen according to the size of the kitchen and your requirements.

Kitchen linen:

Kitchen towels, oven mittens, and pot holders are also an important addition to the kitchen. They are functional and add a little decorative touch to the place.


These are some of the things a kitchen needs and you can always consult kitchen equipment suppliers to buy the best equipment for your kitchen.