Last weekend I had this problem I've encountered many times before. It happens to all of us on occasion. Suffice to say, it took place in our bathroom.  I was in the bathroom squeezing and squeezing so hard I was turning blue in my face and yet could not get anything out. You know how exasperating and frustrating that could be.  No matter how hard I tried, the result was nothing.
     My wife knocked on the bathroom door and yelled that I'd been in there over a half hour.  "Is there a problem? Are you alright?", she asked.  I told her I'd been squeezing and squeezing  and couldn't get even a drop out.   She told me to try using a bottle of citrate of magnesia or some milk of magnesia in the cabinet under the sink.  I found this big bottle of milk of magnesia and pressed it really hard on the bottom of the tube of  toothpaste. EUREKA !!  It flowed right out of the tube.