Kids learn by example, so one of the best things you can do for your grandchildren is model a positive relationship with your partner in grandparenting. Here are ways to do just that in front of the kiddos—while still being fun and interesting grandparents.

  1. Make breakfast together for visiting grandkids.
  2. Play an outdoor game that requires teams—Grandma and Grandpa on one team, grandkids on another. Do the same with a board game.
  3. Spread a blanket in the yard at night and enjoy some family stargazing.
  4. Hold hands while taking a walk around the block—or through the mall—with the kids.
  5. Play Wii games together.
  6. Go ice skating as a group. Or roller skating. Alternate rink rounds with grandkiddos with a few turns with your partner.
  7. Have a dance party in the living room, playing songs you enjoyed when first dating and showing the kids your best dance moves.
  8. Create a video together for the grandchildren just to say Hi!
  9. Perform a musical number together for the kids, playing instruments, singing or both. Who gives a hoot if you're any good. In fact, the more corny and groan-worthy, the better.
  10. Hang out on a blanket together at the park while watching the kids play.
  11. Share photo albums from the early years. Better yet, share your wedding album.
  12. Have a movie night featuring Grandma and Grandpa's favorite (family friendly) movie.
  13. Tell the stories of how you met, how you got engaged, your wedding day, your first years as parents, and the shared joy of becoming grandparents.

Lisa is a Colorado-based freelance writer. She publishes the Grandma's Briefs website, where she shares bits on life's second act and strives to smash the outdated "grandma" stereotype. Lisa has been married to the same man forever; together they have three adult daughters, one son-in-law and three adorable grandsons — children of the middle daughter and her husband. Lisa is easy to find online as she's known as GrandmasBriefs wherever she goes: Twitter (@grandmasbriefs), Facebook, Google+ and elsewhere.