Diaopu accessories generally exist only in the individual irregular maintenance stalls and maintenance plant, formal 4S shop repair shop basically does not exist such a situation. The specific operation is, with some of the maintenance staff are more familiar with Sensor the owner of the maintenance staff, the other fineness of the new car to be removed from the accessories removed for their own. There is a large number of maintenance personnel have been used in the hands of how long the old parts (such as more hidden sensor), your new car on the accessories gave away. This situation is more for the car on the various types of sensors, actuators, tires and other accessories easily transferred.

  Owners should try to understand the basic knowledge of their car, the car has a general understanding of the various parts, for their replacement parts have a detailed understanding, be aware of. The car was unfortunately a small accident, the car sent to repair. However, often encountered the situation is that the more repair the car more problems, do not know do not know, a scared jump. Many cases because some unscrupulous businessmen to repair the union in the accident car before the car will be part of the newer parts removed to sell, replaced by the old pieces and even pieces of debris, the accident car will be more repair injury, the more Repair the longer the time. The owner of the best with the maintenance station fuel metering valve will be the appearance of the vehicle, spare tire and tools to confirm, record. In addition, the supervision of the relevant staff for their own car the first time to be fixed loss, and get the loss of a single and then leave.

  Maintenance repairs to the maintenance list, and the actual implementation of the maintenance project is inconsistent. The change did not change, the change only repair, maintenance methods are inconsistent and so on. Everyone in the car after a good repair, carefully check to verify the actual maintenance project, which is not only the relationship between the money, things also affect the traffic safety. This damage in the maintenance industry which is more common, more deceptive is that you show when the anti-counterfeit signs, security calls and other readily available, but posted on your car is false film. Try to use a warranty card foil, and then hit the relevant telephone to the manufacturers to verify the authenticity of verification.

The car in the event of a collision or accident, should have replaced the bumper, leaf panels, headlamps, etc., was maintenance staff sheet metal, painting, repair and then pretend to pretend to be installed up, according Temperature Sensor to the new accessories charges. In the maintenance process, do a good job supervision is necessary to retain the relevant documents is also necessary.