For the individuals who have not completed training in specialized hair care, styling as well as coloring, the Hair Cutting Shears are simply a skinny pair of scissors. They look rather pointy and small, plus the hairdresser for always seems to have a dozen pairs that all look similar. To the specialized hair stylist, hair cutting shears are nothing but an extension of our arm. They are a part of us.

We like a definite brand, a particular length, a definite finger ring insert in addition to a global ban on anybody else even breathing on our hair shears, agree to alone using them. Unhappily, there are a lot of hair stylists who neglect to correctly care for their shears, thereby shortening the life of the tool’s blades. For instance the use of stainless steel seems to lead a few stylists to believe they can never tarnish or rust. Not factual. The term stainless steel was applied to a specific steel alloy because it was greatly superior in its corrosion-resistant properties as compared to iron alloys of the time. For the purposes of hair cutting shears, stainless steel is just a label, not an assurance. Chemicals in hair dyes, perm solutions, tints, chlorine as well as disinfectant will cause pitting in the steel.

When you lay out several hundred rupees for a tool of the trade, you suppose it to last. Unluckily nothing lasts without appropriate care. To start with, clean your shears each single day with a mild liquid soap. Not at all, ever use disinfecting spray or Barbicide on your shears. The harsh chemicals will eat at the steel as well as cause rusting. A few manufacturers recommend dish or hand soap, others tell the every use to use a simply organic glycerin based soap. The soap is not only essential for cleaning hair as well as skin cells off the blades, it is very important to remove any chemical remains from dyes or other products.

Be certain to thoroughly rinse the soap off as well as allow the blades to air dry on a rack. Do not put your shears away in your box when they are wet or moist, it can origin rust spots. After correct cleaning and drying, apply oil around the screw head as well as between the blades of Kasho Shears & Razors. Use only oil strongly recommended or provided by the tool manufacturer.