Air conditioning refrigerant filling too little or too much, will reduce the zhi cold effect. In the poor traffic - traffic jam or a long time idling, the engine water temperature Sensor meter display is too high; electronic fan high speed gear working time is too long, the engine noise increases, the temperature is too high open air conditioning failure is most obvious.

  New or abnormal noise is usually an indication of a vehicle failure. Such as a low buzzing sound may be a bearing failure, it may be just a tire problem; screaming sounds may indicate the need to replace the brake pads, or loose belts. In describing the fault, it is best to clearly explain the cause of the noise or action. In addition to the loss or noise of performance, the indicator on the dashboard  Pressure Sensor is another place that can not be ignored. Carefully read the car user's manual, understand the meaning of a variety of lights, you can help you find a new fault. If you feel the steering wheel tight when driving, the car is biased to one side, or in a certain speed range of abnormal vibration, need to check the tire, or wheel balance, positioning. In these problems just found when the timely maintenance, can prevent the failure to continue to expand, but also to avoid a greater loss. Need to pay special attention to is with the braking system, because the braking system and driving safety have a very close relationship, ignoring such failures is tantamount to take personal and others life to do adventure. Note whether the car started smoothly. If the car began to become difficult to start, it is best to open to the maintenance plant in time for maintenance. When you drive the car to the repair shop, describe to the maintenance workers the performance of the car or the problem, should pay attention to the noise and symptoms associated with this. It can be said that the more you understand the car, the more able to better describe the car failure to help the maintenance workers to make the correct diagnosis, and thus the right medicine.

   Not only in the conventional maintenance period to carry out the maintenance of the engine, driving through some particularly wet or dust particularly large areas, the engine should be related to the relevant parts to do some maintenance and maintenance of oil and oil filter different grades of different grades Lubricants in the use of oil will change the process. After a certain mileage of the vehicle, the performance deteriorates and may cause problems to the engine. In order to avoid the occurrence of these failures, should be used in conjunction with the conditions ABS Sensor of the regular oil to the oil, and make moderate oil, generally to the upper and lower limits of the oil scale as well. When the oil passes through the pores of the oil filter element, the solid particles and the sticky material in the oil are accumulated in the filter.

  Do not add less oil, but do not add more, not the more expensive brand name synthetic oil the better, for your car's oil is the best. Air filter plug The engine intake system is mainly composed of air filter and intake pipe two parts. According to different use, to regularly clean the air filter, the method can be used to blow high pressure air from the inside to blow the dust in the filter. As the air filter for the paper, so when blowing should pay attention to the pressure of the air can not be too large, so as not to damage the filter. The air filter should generally be replaced after three times of cleaning. The cleaning cycle can be determined by the air quality of the daily driving area. Such as filter clogging, oil can not smooth through the filter, will expand the filter or open the safety valve, through Throttle Position Sensor the bypass valve, still bring dirt back to the lubrication parts, to accelerate the engine wear, internal pollution intensified. So the regular replacement of the oil filter is equally important.