You may think men do not have as much diversity in hairstyle as women. However, it is not true for nowadays. The days with the same old haircuts are totally over. New year comes with many beautiful hairstyles for men. You can find the most attractive and good-looking hairstyle for you by reading this article below.

Beautiful Hairstyle All Men Love

1. The Mohawk Haircut

From the original hunk haircut, people have created the Mohawk hairstyle. People with any type curls, fade, short hair and black hair can choose the Mohawk haircut. To create the Mohawk haircut, a hairdresser will cut a strip of hair down the center and then shave both sides. You can cut this hairstyle wide, forming a V-shaped neckline.

2. Merman Hair

Merman hair is one of the beautiful hairstyles I would like to introduce to you in this article. Merman hair is not just about covering hair with gray. There are different types of merman hair you can try out. For example, the entire rainbow is widely chosen when people think of merman hair. Before letting the hairdresser cut and dye your hair, you should see the pictures of possible hues. You can choose your favorite color. The exact shades can help lighten your skin tone. However, if you have a red or pink undertone, you should not opt for any red hues. Those hues may enhance colors in your face and make you look weird.

3. The Taped Haircut

2017 is a year of taper. The taped haircut can make men look handsome and attractive. The hairdresser uses scissors instead of clippers to cut the taped haircut that features clean lines. This hairstyle is suitable for short and medium length hair. The taped haircut can give you a classic look.

4.  Skin Fade Haircut

Skin fade haircut has been one of the beautiful hairstyles for years. This hairstyle looks modern, hot, trendy and even classic. It has different types for cut and styles; therefore, it can start with the short, medium or long hair. Sometimes mixing and matching can become a great combination and give you the unique look. Skin fade haircut style can make people focus more on your face.

5. Side Part Hairstyles

It is impossible to talk about the beautiful hairstyles for men in 2017 without mentioning the side part hairstyle. This trendy hairstyle can give you a classic look. It is easy to create. You can go to a hair salon or do it on your own at home. When  your hair is still damp, you use a comb to part your hair into side place. After that, you dry your hair with a blow dryer. You can use some hair products to keep it natural and in place.

You can try out all the beautiful hairstyles for men I mentioned in this article and find the best one for your look. If you find this article interesting and useful, you can leave your opinions in the comments bellow. I am happy if you share this article with your friends.

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