Many people don’t realize that sheet sets now come with both a fitted and flat sheet. Sheets manufacturers are now including both sheets in packages simply because using both has become so common. So, what’s the difference between the two?

  • Fitted Sheets

Fitted sheets are the sheets that have elasticized corners to help fit over mattress edges. They’re designed to stay firmly in place while you toss and turn throughout the night. Fitted sheets are important because they protect you from your mattress, and vice versa. They give you a nice, soft layer to sleep on and help protect you from the bacteria and dust mites that accumulate throughout the years on your mattress. Plus, they help protect your mattress from accumulating even more dirt and bacteria. Unfortunately mattresses can’t really be cleaned—they’re designed for an average use of 8-10 years, so using a fitted sheet is important to extend the life of your mattress.

Perks: Fits easily around mattress edges to stay in place. There are even extra deep options to cover both the mattress and a box spring.

Cons: They can be a pain to fold neatly and store. Elastic edges can loosen over time and move around.

Fitted Sheet and Flat Sheet

  • Flat Sheets

This top layer sheet is designed to give you an additional layer between you and your comforter or duvet. If you get chilly during the night, it’s a fantastic way to seal in the heat around your body. Plus, on warmer nights you can ditch the duvet and sleep with just the flat sheet for a nice, cool cover. The flat sheet is also designed as a protective layer to keep your duvet or comforter from absorbing body sweat, oils, and dirt. Duvets and comforters aren’t easy to wash frequently, so protecting them as much as possible is key!

Perks: Provides extra warmth and protects the life of your duvet/comforter. Cons: Some people find them too restrictive and they get tangled easily. Can take longer to make the bed.

Using both a flat and fitted sheet makes for a complete and comfortable sleep. There’s nothing like crawling into a freshly made bed with cool, crisp sheets surrounding you. Quality flat and fitted sheets give you the sweet, luxurious feel of a hotel bed every sleep.

However, not everyone likes using both a flat and fitted sheet, and that’s okay. In fact, most Europeans use just the fitted sheet and a duvet. It comes down completely to your preference; what works for you might not be for everyone. You can still easily find sheet brands that will sell each sheet type individually, so that you’re not spending extra money. As long as you’re getting A-1 sleep, that’s all that matters!