The fact that sleeping is just as important as eating and breathing, is one we know all too well. Problem is, most of us do not treat it with the same amount of prominence. Actually over the recent past, it is obvious through statistics that more and more people are viewing sleep as more of an option and not a necessity. Which is far from the truth. Simply put, the human body needs to rest and recuperate after a full day. Just like your car cannot function non-stop over its lifetime, neither can we. However, we really seem to be pushing our limits by trying to overstep boundaries, without bothering to think that at the end of the day, we are only harming ourselves. On that note, here are a few common mistakes you should avoid if you want to enjoy wholesome sleep from now on.


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Consuming Caffeine and Nicotine

Many people are mistakenly under the impression that caffeine only means coffee. It does not. Tea, foods such as apples, and energy drinks for instance, are all completely loaded with caffeine, and are therefore to be avoided at all costs before bed. Adding to this is nicotine, so smokers listen up. Though you might be hooked on that ‘bedtime smoke’, you need to kick the habit. Frankly, you should be kicking the habit for good for the sake of your health, but let us deal with one thing at a time. Both caffeine and nicotine are stimulants which is the exact opposite of what you need.

Eating before Bed

Well we all get those night time binges and are sometimes tempted to stay up and watch marathons of TV shows, but limit those to once in a while. You should not be doing that on a daily basis. You may have heard about not going to bed soon as you have eaten, though you may not know exactly why. Well, your body begins to digest the food, which means your stomach acids kick into play. These acids churn around doing their job, but you will inevitably feel uncomfortable and unable to sleep in peace. So if you have midnight hunger pangs you simply cannot ignore, go for something calming like milk and cereal or cheese. Of course quality mattress toppers also help.

Background Noise

Some people have a habit of leaving background noise on to help them fall asleep, but you should actually wean yourself off this as soon as you can. Sure you might be used to it by now, but you might be causing more harm than good. Though yes you may feel well slept, your brain may not have entirely shut off or settled during the night. Aside from racking up high electricity bills from leaving the TV on when nobody is watching it, you are also flooding the room with artificial light which intrudes on your natural body clock. Try to gradually work past this.



It is unbelievably annoying when unwarranted thoughts and emotions flood your head as soon as you hit the pillow. Thoughts that were nowhere to be seen during the day. However, a good way to push them away, is by telling yourself that there is nothing you can really do right now. If something can be done about it, then the sensible thing to do, is to wait for a time until you can. Thinking of it now is not going to make any difference, except that perhaps you have given it more consideration. Overthinking achieves nothing, and is another habit you should definitely watch out for.