Beijing Hyundai new Yue move has been listed on March 20 this year, the new car launched only the sedan models. On this basis, Beijing Hyundai will also launch the new Yue move more derivative cars. The new car continues Sensor the sedan design, the overall shape more sport. According to product planning, the new Yue moving hatchback version will be listed during the year.

   The new front of the new hatchback version of the model with the latest modern family design, and sedan models of the same mouth air grille, the front bumper compared to the cash models to increase the two air intake; headlamps fuel metering valve and Sedan models are similar. In addition, the overall shape of the new car with a wagon design style, the internal space will be significantly improved.

   The new Yue moving hatchback version of the interior is expected to extend the sedan design. The car will be dark main colors, the overall layout is more concise, each functional area is divided, adding silver chrome trim decoration, enhance the fashion sense. Configuration, hatchback models will be equipped with seat heating, reversing images, support for Apple CarPlay and CarLife multimedia systems. The new power consumption Pressure Sensor is expected to be consistent with the cash models, continue to carry 1.6L naturally aspirated engine, the maximum power of 90kW, the peak torque of 151 Nm, the drive system matching 6-speed manual or 6-speed manual gearbox The