With the increasing number of new energy vehicles, there is not enough to charge the pile, how to charge a 'first-class event.' The municipal government issued 'on the further strengthening of electric vehicle charging infrastructure construction and management Sensor of the implementation of opinions', which clear the new construction of the construction of parking lots and social public parking in the proportion of the construction of charging facilities or reserved construction and installation conditions. Among them, the office building in accordance with not less than 25% of the parking lot with the construction plan, the new district in accordance with the 100% of the parking lot to build the construction of public charging pile.
  The number of new energy vehicles in Beijing is on the rise. By 2020, the Beijing plain area will build an average service radius of less than 5 km of the charging network. City Urban Management Committee refueling (gas, electricity) station integrated management office responsible person explained that this means that every 5 km can be found after a public charging area. Often the public complained that the face Suction Control Valve of a large number of charging pile construction enterprises, mobile phones to install multiple APP to 'unimpeded.' The future, such a situation will be expected to solve. 'Opinions' clearly, will integrate different enterprises charging service platform information resources, and promote different charging service platform interoperability. And optimize the public charging facilities management service platform, improve the state query, charging navigation, charging booking, cost billing and other functions, improve the charging service of intelligent, convenient level.
  (Including P + R parking lot) in accordance with no less than 20% of the planned parking spaces for the construction of the parking lot Construction; residential buildings in accordance with the construction of 100% of the parking spaces planned to build; other public buildings (such as hospitals, schools, cultural facilities, etc.) in accordance with no less than 15% of the construction of parking spaces planned construction. (P + R) and other public parking lots shall be constructed in accordance with the proportion of not less than 10% of the parking spaces of the existing public buildings, large shopping malls, supermarkets, parks, scenic spots, transportation hubs and parking lots (P + R) facility. Power conditions can not meet the requirements of the construction, the initial construction of not less than 2 public charging facilities. The number of charging piles of public institutions (including government agencies, public institutions, social organizations) and state-owned enterprises at all levels in Beijing must also reach 25% of the number of parking spaces or to reserve construction and installation conditions. In addition, the 'opinions' also suggested that fuel metering valve the units should be independent investment or joint charging facilities construction and operation of enterprises to invest in the construction of charging facilities. Encourage the organization of internal charging facilities open to the outside world. This means that in the future, the public can also be charged in the unit.

  For a fixed parking spaces and power conditions of the district, will urge the electric car manufacturers (including sales service 4S shop) in accordance with the relevant norms to organize the construction of private self-use charging facilities. No fixed parking spaces, power supply conditions of the district, and actively promote the construction of public charging facilities in the district. For non-fixed parking spaces, no power conditions of the district, will promote the delivery of mobile charging facilities in the district, combined with roadside parking spaces and power conditions, research in the neighborhood neighborhood streets, slip roads and secondary roads pilot construction Charging facilities. At present, some of the district has piloted the use of mobile charging facilities temporary power. The future, will be in the old district around the mining planning parking spaces, if to meet the power conditions, will plan the construction of charging pile. City Construction Committee and other relevant departments are actively serving mobile charging equipment, pre-market mobile charging equipment, the average price per person is 1 yuan, the owner can pay by credit card or WeChat to pay electricity. Beijing this year plans to promote 500 units in the 500 mobile charging treasure, to solve the problem of community electric car charging difficult.
  Now the bus, sanitation and other new energy vehicles gradually increased the proportion of how to solve its charging problem has become 'opinions' one of the content. Bus, sanitation, airport commuter and other fixed-point operation of the public service areas of electric vehicles, should line operation needs, priority in the parking lot with the construction of electricity exchange facilities. Rental, logistics, leasing, public security patrol and other non-fixed-point alignment of the public service areas of electric vehicles, you need to tap the unit parking lot with the Pressure Sensor potential to build electricity. And encourage the use of Yang move station with a dedicated car charging facilities, to strengthen the Yang station special parking spaces and charging facilities management. Speed ​​up the Beijing Expressway service area intercity fast filling station construction, to promote the formation of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region inter-city fast-charge network. By the end of 2017, the Beijing National Expressway service area to achieve full coverage of charging facilities.