Belgrade is the capital of Serbia and its most prominent landmark is the Belgrade Fortress . This majestic fortress is a wonderful site seeing attraction and stands at the confluence of Sava and Danube rivers. Belgrade has been a city of strategic importance to the Roman, Ottoman, Serbian, Byzantine, and Austrian empires, and after years of political, social, and economic upheaval, the city has emerged with positive vibes. Though the city does not pose a very pretty picture, it is a great place to wind up for the retired and elderly. They can indulge in sightseeing, stroll down the supermarkets, and enjoy the leisurely holiday with fusion food.

How to reach:
The Nikola Tesla Airport is well connected to airports in Europe. It has two direct flights from the UK. A taxi can take you to the main market area from the airport.

Where to stay:
The Trg Republike is the main square of the city and has many accommodation options around this area. You can choose a hotel from the economy to luxury class depending on your budget. Elderly people also rent apartments in Belgrade. If you have a longer stay and want to stay away from all the hustle-bustle, this is a good option.

Though the city offers tremendous options for nightlife and tourism, people above 55 years would most certainly enjoy a more laid back holiday. The church of Saint Sava is a beautiful church situated on the Vracar plateau. Couples can come and spend hours admiring the beauty of the church and learning about its history.

The Victor of Kalemegdan is a place of historic relevance and people like to visit this place as it gives an insight of the city’s history. The Belgrade fortress and Kalemegdan towers are places of tourist interest.

The Ada Ciganlija and Belgrade Lake are lovely spots where you can cycle along the trails or take a lazy stroll. Also, sit around the area to witness sports activities like bungee jumping and water-skiing and enjoy the beauty of the lakes and surrounding parks. This place has some outstanding restaurants and cafes to indulge in awesome food.

Bus, trolley, and trams are reasonably cheap and a tour of the House of Flowers, Cathedral of St Sava, and the parks at Versailles, are interesting places to visit.

The republic Square is the center place of the town and the National museum and National theater is located here. This is the main market area and is constantly thronged by native settlers and tourists.

Marketplaces, restaurants, and food:
If people are renting apartments for lodging they should be around the Republic square. This will give them quick access to the best markets and food joints in town.

Mikser House is a hub of entertainment and shopping and is located in the Sava Mala. Events, boutiques, concerts, and workshops, this place houses it all. The Skadarlija Street offers great drinks and food. You can cozily settle with your drink to enjoy the tavern feel and hear the old-town band performances. This place is a must visit and gives the real feel of the rich Belgrade history and its journey to the present.

The nightlife of Belgrade is one of the most sought after, but you can give it a miss if you want to relax after a tired day. The open-air floating clubs are open in summers. The Varoš Kapija the oldest restaurant in the city and serves some delectable veal soups, Muckalica, and Turkish coffee. And finally, do try some seafood and Tamjanika wine at the ferry terminal, with live jazz music in the background.