Mercedes-Benz S-class, C-class first to replace, the new Mercedes-Benz E-class was late, it can be said that every time the Mercedes-Benz are the benchmark models of the same level. Perhaps you will think that today's Mercedes-Benz doll technology compared Sensor to Audi is gone, but Mercedes-Benz in such a highly unified family of elements, still create beyond the same level of the kind of elegant atmosphere, luxury atmosphere.

As the saying goes, 'open BMW sitting Mercedes-Benz', Mercedes-Benz E320 L assembly is a pair of Pirelli P7 Cinturato explosion-proof tires, the tire's overall performance is very prominent, strong control performance. The front wheel tires are 245/40 R19 and the rear wheel tires are 275/35 R19. From the size of the tire can also be seen, four-wheel drive version of the Mercedes-Benz E-class power is more biased in favor of the rear axle output. Braking system, E-class use of the front / rear ventilation disc brake disc, front and rear brake disc diameter are up to 360mm, size is quite large; and before and after the use of ventilation discs can help improve the cooling effect of the brake disc. In addition to the brake calipers equipped with the same force Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor to the front brake calipers for the two-cylinder four-piston, rear brake calipers for single-cylinder double piston. Late measured 100 km brake distance also shows the effect of this set of braking system is good.

  E-class front suspension is a four-link independent suspension, rear suspension is a multi-link independent suspension, such suspension as a result of more links, can effectively ensure vehicle comfort and handling. In addition, the test of the car also optional air suspension, simply use the air spring as a flexible element to replace the traditional coil spring, it can be adjusted according to the driving mode of suspension of the soft and hard to meet the driver of comfort and manipulation, etc. Mode of demand. In terms of materials, Mercedes-Benz is also reached its level, the front sub-frame is made of aluminum alloy, after the sub-frame is the use of steel. In addition, the front and rear suspension rods, steering knuckles and so on are also used high-strength forging aluminum, which can effectively reduce the quality of reed, improve vehicle handling performance. Mercedes-Benz E-class chassis protection is done in place, the engine compartment under a plastic guard, and the front of the plastic guard board with a diversion slot design, can effectively guide the air into the chassis. In addition the middle of the body, the rear are covered with a large number of plastic shield, the whole chassis are covered Temperature Sensor so that it can not see whether the bottom of the body rust-proof coating, but so tight protection is also effective enough to protect the metal parts of the body. From the engine compartment has been through to the rear of the exhaust pipe insulation protection is also in place, all covered with insulation tile, effectively protect the exhaust pipe heat on the surrounding parts of the impact.

  In addition to the bottom of the body covered with plastic cover, the Mercedes-Benz front and rear wheel arch are also using the appropriate protective measures, the front wheel arch is used plastic plate, rear wheel arch is used cotton material, covering the area is also quite Large, effectively reduce the impact of tire noise on the cockpit. Overall, the Mercedes-Benz E-class chassis as a whole fairly flat, before and after the suspension link Throttle Position Sensor and the front sub-frame are also used aluminum parts, effectively reduce the quality of the spring to improve the handling capacity. Chassis work and materials are in line with this level of positioning models.