Jordans 2017, Is already a very distant thing, and may be familiar with it is not a lot of people, but if you read the "slam dunk master", I believe you will not be unfamiliar to him. Yes, this is the second pair of basketball shoes Sakuragi flowers (cherry wood wear red and black color), then spent 100 yen Jordan rookie season wearing basketball shoes, from the beginning of the issue was the Union ban , Because the Bulls coach did not allow God to wear these shoes, the reason is not uniform with the team's uniform color, and David Stern is a ticket for Jordan, the first 1000 US dollars, the second 2000 dollars, until the final 5000 dollars each, which also led to the AJ1 crazy snapped up. Nike and therefore the first time to shake the Converse in the basketball shoes on the status. AJ1 with white and red three-color, hard rubber outsole, there is no scientific and technological content, in fact, this pair of shoes is cumbersome, but it is the beginning of an era.
New Jordans 2016 has been the most popular luxury sports basketball shoes. Shoes enthusiasts will this section shoes as "sneakers collectors" collection industry behind the power. After 22 improved shoes, Jordan brand launched the deserved "history of the greatest basketball shoes", Air Jordan XXIII once again become the world's attention center. Tinker once said, AJ22 has been designed in advance, we have to stay enough time to design research and development AJ23. Originally 23 this figure for Jordan himself is a very special number. Full palm Zoom Airsole unit provides excellent cushioning. Carbon fiber material of the shoe bone tray to increase the important parts of the structure and support. High performance TPU insoles increase stability and support. So that the player's foot as close as possible and feel the ground floor. The shoe bobbin is placed directly into the TPU insoles, and the TPU is directly pressed over the entire pallet. This is the most efficient manufacturing process because it increases durability, reduces waste, and reduces the use of solvent-based adhesives. This is the innovation of functional shoes. Advanced cushioning system includes low-tube IPS system, in the heel with a large cushion, and with the forefoot of the low-tube improved IPS combination.
Women Jordans 2017. Launched in 1997. All the signs show that the 1997-1998 season will be Jordan's last season in the NBA, so the fans are crazy to collect anything related to this great man. At this time Nike officially Jordan trademark as an independent brand from Nike to separate, as an independent subsidiary, that is, the formation of a relatively independent brand. AJ13 launch is particularly important, the designer from the African cheetah to get inspiration, the shape of the soles like a cheetah was the same, the most worth mentioning is located in the upper side of the holographic laser icon, including: a basketball, the number of 23 The trapeze sign. This has become a major highlight of AJ13. Technology: full palm zoom air, the end is still using a large area of ​​carbon fiber material to provide good support and stability, by the leather, synthetic leather and nylon fabric composition of the upper, while reducing the weight of the better to provide a better toughness The.