The wedding day is approaching, but that means that another party is waitin' to happen soon. The hen party is your goodbye to single life. And this party is a big deal nowadays. After all, who doesn’t want to have a night, or - why not? – a weekend, full of excitement and those great never-forget- and-always- funny memories created with your best friends? And if your bridesmaids chose Budapest as a hen party destination, be delighted! This is one of the most stunning cities in Europe.

Also, if you are a bridesmaid and have to organize the hen party, you have to keep in mind that the destination is very important. And Budapest is a city that offers you everything you need for a successful hen do.

Look at what many activities you can enjoy, both day and night, in a weekend full of fun in the capital of Hungary, one of the most popular European hen weekend destinations!

First of all, the hen party does not always have to be a weekend of excessive drinking and the subsequent hangover. That's why you can choose to make sophisticated and enjoyable things during the daytime activities.

In fact, you can make the hen do in Budapest as extraordinary as you want. For example, one of the places you will not want to miss is one of the many thermal baths from the city.

Since the 1930s, Budapest was named as “the City of Spas”. Today it has more than 15 medicinal and thermal spas, more than any city throughout the world; over 100 springs provide the city with millions of therapeutic liters of water each day. Sounds like is a great place to spend some girl time in one of this spas, isn`t it?

Other activities:
Beer bike
A great way to explore Budapest! Who doesn`t want to do a city tour in a rolling beer bar?
Boat cruise
A river cruise on one of the world’s longest rivers - the Danube - will show you a
fascinating sight of the historical city of Budapest, which is also called “the Pearl of the Danube” or “the Paris of East”.
Trabant Trek
The iconic Trabant car is a symbol of 50’s Hungarian culture, and a ride with one of these retro vehicles can truly remind you of the Budapest’s communist past.

Also, during the day, you can participate in culinary walking tours or you can trysomething more extreme, like escape room, gun shooting, paintball or karting.

Obviously, besides these type of activities, in Budapest, you can also enjoy the classic traditions of a usual wild hen do – stripper dance or Chippendale Show, champagne or wine tasting, cocktail bar tour, clubbing or all you can drink nights.

If you`re looking for help in organizing a hen weekend in Budapest, more tips, ideas and very affordable packages services you can find on So, ladies, are you ready to party?