Best Online Selling Sites For Both Buyers and Sellers

Finding the best platform that you can use to sell online is an integral part of being an online seller. Understanding that the most profitable product in the world will not keep your business running is the platform that you are using to sell online has low customer volume. There are some platforms that charge less fee for sellers to start selling online and provide poor checkout experience. This is why our list of sell online sites will cover of view of the top websites for sellers to sell online.

The sell online sites that we discuss will cover about the customer volume, checkout procedures and seller fees. You may know some of the websites and you can read on to find out more if you want to sell on online sites for selling for your products like Amazon , Facebook, Shopify etc... Check out our comprehensive list for sell online sites and you will find free and premium websites that will help you to start selling on these websites.




1.       Amazon

25% of Amazon’s revenues are generated by sellers who sell online using their platform. This proves that this website has a huge customer base which solidifies the reason why you should sell online on this website. Businesses can also apply for Amazon loans quickly which increases the amount of business opportunities on this website and provides much needed capital to boost for selling online on this website. One of the reasons that sellers use the online site to sell their products is because Amazon rewards their best merchants. However, to be a top Amazon on seller, be prepared for a strong competition and putting in a lot of hard work to sell your products online.

When you are selling online using Amazon, you should optimise your Amazon seller's central and find the most profitable products to sell online which are vital to the success of your Amazon business. The selling fee on this online site includes the listing fees, closing fees and a monthly fee for pro merchants selling online using this platform. While calculating them is complicated, you can expect to pay 12% of the selling price and some items that you sell online using this website can be as high as 29%.

2.       Ebay

This list of sell online sites would not be complete without mentioning eBay. For many people, eBay is the pioneer for online selling sites. It was set up in San José, California by Pierre Omidyar. In 1988, eBay went public and both the partners for eBay became billionaires. Today, it is the world’s third largest marketplace to sell online with over 115 million active users. This sell online site is different than what it used to be because it is more professional and it attracts more major brands to sell on this online site. Many retailers both established and small businesses use this online site to start selling.

If you are using this platform, fees for business sellers that want to sell online using this platform is 11% of your selling price plus your listing fees and a monthly subscription fee. This depends on your sale of all you. Therefore, you need to know what to sell on eBay and find the right niche for you to drive exponential amount of sales.





3.       Facebook

You may have not expected to see Facebook on the list for sale online sites but it really is a great platform to sell your items. After all, it is the world’s largest social network and have so many potential buyers as long as you find the right strategy to reach out to your consumers. Leverage local groups in specific communities that are created to sell online products. In fact, you can leverage on local communities that sell online using Facebook groups. There are many entrepreneurs that have found a lot of success selling using Facebook groups. This is a very good way for you to sell online if you do not want to have to deal with shipping your items across different countries or dealing with fraud orders because you only have to meet up with your customer or ship it locally.


One of the greatest advantages of using Facebook as a sales tool is that you can set your own price and you don’t have any third party such as eBay taking a cut on your sales. Of course, you have to keep in mind that these Facebook buy, sell or trade groups except only a certain type of listings by if you know how to deal with consumers on these Facebook groups, it will be a great opportunity for you to export to sell your online product.