IT professionals in India are spending as much as 4lacs to up-skill. If we follow the trend closely enough we shall find that most of the courses these professionals are undergoing have something to do with big data analytics training.

Disruption v/s data analytics

If we consider the current dynamics of the industry we will find that there is a certain amount of insecurity working on the minds of many IT professionals. It is not too unlikely that a professional would like to up-skill and solidify his position in the industry or maybe a different industry; it is a time when a lot of jobs are threatened by automation – it is a fact that thousands of repetitive jobs are being automated and people are losing jobs. The analytics industry however is growing like wildfire and actually creating a lot of jobs. So, it makes sense that professionals are spending substantial amounts of money to learn analytics.

Indian market show great promise

The field of analytics in India is brimming with opportunities. Delhi and Bangalore are creating a large number of jobs in this field every year. Bangalore has been growing fast as the leading hub of analytics in India. The domestic analytics industry is growing fast out of this city. Nearly 60,000 people are employed in the Indian domestic analytics industry, while more than 200,000 Indian personnel are employed around the world and in overseas projects in various big data and data science related job roles. So, in the time where jobs are threatened by automation, analytics and data science are actually offering revamped opportunities for the young as well as the experienced.

 More Professionals than students are heading for big data training

It is interesting to find that a large chunk of the trainees who receive excellent big data analytics training Bangalore are not students but previously employed professionals.

Well, this has been the matter of this discussion but what needs more light is the fact that youngsters are not coming as much towards this direction as the experienced.

What we can derive from this is the fact that

·         Fresh graduates are going with the flow and getting into whatever career there education most likely facilitates.

·         They are often not considering the highly rewarding field of big data analytics.

One can argue that you only get mileage as an analyst after a few years of industry experience. But this is true for most of the different fields that employ technically trained personnel. Experience earns you more. But starting early can never harm.

Think out of the box


Acquiring knowledge with a plan in mind can always open up great options for you. It is definitely a good idea to get a head start in big data analytics training. Look around, all the small IT firms are turning towards opening big data wings – the startups that specialized in web development and service are now also offering analytics service. Big data analytics is found indispensable by the businesses to survive the competition, it is important for a student too, if he wants to stay in the competition.