Men who are taking male enhancement supplements often read about "bioavailability", which is defined by the rate and extent that an active ingredient enters into your blood stream once it has passed through the body's natural filters. This is the liver and intestinal wall. The bioavailability of a supplement's active ingredients are also affected by dosage, along with other factors that include age, sex, and amount of physical activity. In layman's terms, the higher the bioavailability the more effective the supplement will be.

When bioavailability is discussed in connection with Bioperine, it is because this natural chemical compound is often found in male in enhancement products to help make the active ingredients more effective. If you are currently using natural supplements to treat common sexual dysfunctions, chances are it also contains Bioperine. Here is everything that you need to know about the chemical compound Bioperine.

Pepper Extract: Then and Now

Derived from the black pepper (Piper Negrum) and the long pepper plant (Piper Longum), the chemical compound Bioperine is a patented formula that is created from the extract of both of these pepper plants. One of the leading manufacturers of pharmaceutical products, Sabinsa holds the current patent for the pepper extract. Referred to as piperine extract, it has an amazing 95 percent purity rating. The higher percentage of pure piperine extract helps to increase the bioavailability of the natural supplements active ingredients.

It should be noted that the researchers at Sabinsa did not invent the piperine extract, and that both types of peppers have been used by the Chinese for centuries. Traditional Chinese and Indian remedies still require the use of long and black peppers in some of their treatments. Sabinsa simply used modern tools and machinery to make improve extraction methods, and has also performed several clinical tests and studies on the effectiveness of Bioperine.

Dosage Does Matter

Men who are taking male enhancement supplements, may consider simply adding extra black and long peppers to their diets. While this can decrease the cost of the supplements, it can also have a detrimental effect on your health. Eating too many of the peppers can cause a sudden rise in your blood pressure, which is not only dangerous to your health but also your sex life. Elevated blood pressure can make it difficult for you to get and sustain an erection, and can also cause a decrease in your libido. The safest and easiest way for you to get all of the benefits of Bioperine is to simply take the recommended dosage that is already in your daily supplement.

Piperine Extract as a Thermonutrient

Thermogenesis refers to the productive of energy at a cellular level. This metabolic process is essential for proper absorption of key nutrients that are essential for a healthy body. Bioperine can also be considered a Thermonutrient, since it helps to stimulate cell growth, which is also why it is an effective ingredient in male enlargement supplements. Not only does the Bioperine increase the body's ability to absorb the active ingredients, it also stimulates the cellular energy that is necessary to enhance the size of your penis.

Acting as a Thermonutrient, Bioperine can also help to improve your general health. The vitamins and minerals that are essential for good health can be more easily absorbed into your body with the pepper extract. When your body is healthy, many men notice an improvement in their sex lives. They can last longer and perform better, without the help of additional male enhancement supplements.


Before you can understand the difference the chemical compound Bioperine can make in the effectiveness of your supplements, you first have to know what bioavailability is. This refers to the amount of active ingredients that actually make it into your blood stream. The higher the amount, the more effective the supplement will be. Bioperine is a natural compound that is derived from the extract of two pepper plants, and can increase the bioavailability of your male enhancement supplements. It is safe to consume, and has been used for centuries in traditional Indian and Chinese medicinal practices.

The pepper extract can also help improve your general health. You can last longer in the bedroom, and see an increase in your libido. The improvement to your general wellbeing, can also go a long ways towards treating any sexual dysfunction. The piperine extract can also help to stimulate cellular growth, which can enhance the size of your penis.