For some of the beauty of the owners buy a car to choose what color is a very difficult multiple choice questions. , In the choice of body color, but also has a lot of similar characteristics Sensor of the mainstream. Volkswagen most preferred color: black car.
   The greater the contrast with the road, the higher the safety factor. And black is the most difficult to detect. Image point, so if you open a black car in the night, not open the lights, then you are almost invisible to others, and secondly, the color is visually contraction, the black car looks Size, will be smaller than the actual, black color coating, can make people away from the sense of easy to misjudge the distance. Of course, these are not the key factors affecting the accident, so buy the owner of the black Suction Control Valve car should not be too nervous, usually as usual driving, keep the rules on the line.

   Yellow car devaluation slowest, while the fastest black. The highest value of the preservation, not white, silver, gray and other mainstream colors, but the yellow, orange, and even green and so on in our eyes niche color! This result is also a lot of second-hand car experts in the eyes of the results very different. A very important reason is that, because these small color of the models, in general, relatively low retention rate, the corresponding flow to the market is also less, but for those who have the color of the car buyers caused the seller market Of the plight, but eventually raised Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor the transaction price. While the black, white and other popular colors, due to maintain a large amount of car source but lost the bargaining power advantage. So, this result tells us that it should be: the popular car is better shot, but easy to be bargain. This point, for those who focus on second-hand car market, the people will be more useful.

  Said the black car two shortcomings, but why still so many people like the black car? Because the black itself is a very calm color, giving a solemn, noble, serious, quiet, mysterious feeling, especially many men like this looks both calm, but also anger from the momentum of the color of Wei. So the black car is very popular with officials, merchants and other wealthy people love. Over time, the black car unconsciously cast a layer of noble shadow. And the effect of black car light and shadow is also more obvious, the more smooth body surface, set off the black car fuel metering valve paint is able to play the effect. It is no wonder that so many people prefer a black car. Especially in some administrative level models, the black body is more popular.