With the unmanned mature, the shared car market is being gradually reconstructed and become a new battlefield for all parties.For the industrialization process of automatic driving, BMW has even been clear to give a clear business timetable, BMW iNext Announced in 2021 mass production, to achieve the third level Sensor of automatic driving, and technically compatible with the fourth level. Germany is the third strong, BMW is the earlier proposed automatic driving strategy of the OEM has been combined with Intel, Mobileye, Delphi and other industry pioneers set up their own camp, announced the common set up automatic driving platform.

   During this year's CES ASIA, BMW's booth, as always, shows the future of the imagination, not only in Las Vegas previously exhibited 'future concept cockpit' moved to the country, but also a based on the BMW 3 Series GT and build the autopilot test models placed in a prominent position, eager to tell the outside world in the field of automatic driving BMW's latest progress. From the high-speed road Suction Control Valve to the city road last year, BMW in about 35 km long designated high-speed road section demonstrated its automatic driving technology, when the test car in the absence of active intervention in the case, to maintain 0-120km / h speed range completed automatic Lane maintenance, automatic vehicle follow, automatic change lane-based multiple functions.

   The high-speed section of the scene is single, for the vehicle with the perception and judgment ability is relatively low, and now the BMW decided to further on this basis, will automatically drive the scene from the highway extended to more complex urban roads, from Sensor-based switch to the main intelligent interconnection. Test car 3 Series GT did not use Velodyne home products, the laser radar used by Temperature Sensor the brand Iego Germany 4-wire laser radar, compared to Velodyne 64-line or 16-line laser radar in the accuracy there is a certain gap, but BMW The cost of the program is lower and more in line with the business logic that it wants to achieve mass production quickly.

    BMW's technological advances are mainly reflected in the perception and judgment of the road. When the vehicle on the road encountered traffic police, after the algorithm optimization of the BMW automatic driving system through the front of the camera to actively identify the traffic police gestures and make judgments, the new program has mastered the behavior of other traffic participants to predict the skills, and according to the results of planning At a safe and reasonable route. Security is a priority for BMW R \u0026 D autopilot systems, and for other traffic participants ABS Sensor that are almost necessarily present in real road conditions, the system uses redundant sensors and deep learning algorithms to predict and make decisions.
When the sensor's camera real-time monitoring of the dangerous situation of the road, such as other vehicles in the name of double flash, the car will immediately 'see' the detailed location and road information sent to the cloud, will pass the road The vehicle will receive a reminder message to allow the car to avoid this danger.

   BMW divides its own autopilot technology into four parts: high-precision maps, sensor systems, artificial intelligence and environmental modeling, and body control. In the promotion of their own driving strategy at the same time, is also working with partners in various fields to establish a strategic investment in HERE, in the domestic and four-dimensional map Throttle Position Sensor of the new map data level cooperation, and this year has just joined the Intel, Mobileye, Delphi automatic Driving the camp, these cooperation is bringing more and more visible results.

    Manufacturing and Internet genes are different, in the realization of automatic driving technology on the technical path and means are often very different, and Google or Baidu directly to the L4 level as the ultimate goal compared to the BMW is in accordance with their own way to step by step so that the automatic Driving system gradually landed to the production car which.