Vehicle construction will generate a lot of data, BMW intelligent data analysis using data cluster, the data to be selected analysis, and then strengthen its production system, intelligent data Sensor analysis results will greatly enhance the production and logistics and other areas of quality.

   BMW has made improvements to the production process and system based on the data obtained, which will help to shorten the time of commissioning and reduce costs. The company uses its headquarters and international production network to develop new solutions. BMW Group will use all kinds of innovation to enhance production flexibility. Will be from the production and logistics aspects Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor of a large number of sensors and processing data to achieve network connectivity, fast, easy to operate. At the same time, the new Internet of Things sensors and cloud technology, large data technology combined, thereby reducing the relevant technical complexity and operating costs.

   The BMW uses laser to mark the parts code for each blank and use it as part identification number (ID). In the future, the ID number will help the precise adjustment of the die casting to match the characteristics of the blank. If necessary, the ID number will also contain control instructions, before molding, for the die casting machine to add lubricants. Experts in the BMW Group who are responsible for planning are using part traceability to further optimize, such as adding algorithms. The parameters of the die-casting machine can be precisely calibrated according to the product characteristics of the blank, which has a significant impact: the number of scrapped parts is significantly reduced and the utilization of the coil material has been greatly optimized. The required system downtime will be reduced. The predictive maintenance is due to its intelligent analysis of a large number Temperature Sensor  of true production data, sensor data and processing, an established analysis of such data, and then the ideal time to replace the wear parts in production. If the replacement operation is performed too late, there is a risk of downtime. If the replacement operation is performed too early, it will waste resources.
  The large-scale application of sensor monitoring enhances the reliability of various types of electric drives in the in-system lifting device and the transfer station. From the outset, the necessary sensors are provided for robots and control technology. The maintenance staff is responsible for analyzing the data and then getting the correct conclusion. The recent assessment of predictive maintenance has cleared the benefits of its reliable operation. BMW Group paint workshop using sensors to achieve continuous monitoring of the automated production process. Intelligent network systems enhance the stability of the process, people can focus more on the design process of the production process, because the actual production data will be classified and stored and optimized to achieve pre-structured. In addition, real-time detection of potential errors, to avoid rework.

   In May 2017, BMW's Munich plant for the first time using fully automated quality control, the use of robots to scan the entire body surface. The system is able to detect errors that can not be perceived by the human eye, which also provides the accuracy of the paint process to provide valuable feedback, continuous optimization of the process and timely detection of potential defects. For automotive production, the bolt connector is the basic component, because each vehicle contains hundreds of bolt connections. The BMW Group can monitor and analyze all bolt connections related to vehicle safety. BMW has developed a new algorithm, can be since 2017 since all of its more than 3200 units of the Speed Sensor production line of the connection analysis. The analysis of the splicing process curve can provide important implications for the systematic monitoring and tightening torque of the bolting system. When implemented quickly, such studies have found that a continuous improvement of the closed loop will be created.

  BMW Group's production system has the highest level of flexibility: the company can produce all kinds of models in its production line and facelift models. For this reason, the boring supply on the production line becomes particularly important. If any operation of the interruption, will lead to the progress of the entire production area affected, and even stop production. In the production line, many transmission systems are equipped with a large number of sensors, used to monitor the temperature, vibration, power and other factors. These sensors are cost-effective and can be used extensively. This type of sensor kit and other processing data will be real-time data transmission to the BMW's Internet Pressure Switch of things platform for visual monitoring and real-time data analysis. If the data detects a deviation or previous downtime, the platform will inform the maintenance personnel involved.