Who doesn't love low price flight tickets? After all, we all love saving money and getting a discount on flight tickets may save you more money than you could save on your groceries whole year long. However, there are people who are so obsessed with discount airline tickets that they overlook other things while booking. These people then have nothing to do but to repent on their decision.

If you are someone planning to book flight tickets and searching around for discounts, make sure you do not fall into the trap of cheap. Here are a few things that you should never overlook while booking discounted flight tickets.

Consider the Journey Time:

Time is wealth for people of today. Unless you have a lot of time to spare uselessly, you must be willing to spend some extra bucks to save a few hours. Sometimes, people end-up booking a flight that has several halts and increases your journey time by a few hours. Spending those hours will not only make you restless but will also force you to regret your decision.

While booking your ticket, make sure the flight does not take your time at the cost of some discount. It's better to spend a few extra bucks than to spend a few hours uselessly.

Check the Facilities:

Not all flights have same facilities. There are some flights known for their great service while others have a spoiled reputation by offering poor services. The prior ones generally charge more than the later, but the money is worth spending. While booking your tickets, make sure your airline offers you great service and facilities.

Never Compromise with Quality:

There must be a reason why ‘cheap' is used equally for low price and poor.  This is because low price often converts into poor quality. If something is great, it deserves to be expensive. If something is of poor quality, it's forced to be low priced. Mind this very carefully. During online flight booking, make sure that the word cheap isn't for poor quality.

However, if you are careful enough and know the great tricks, you may still find great quality deals without spending much. Saying that cheap is not always poor.

Don't run too fast:

People suggest that booking your tickets as early as possible enables low price flight tickets for you. This may sound cool in most of the circumstances but life is full of uncertainties. What if you have booked your ticket six months prior to journey and then you had to cancel or change the plan? You will need to cancel your ticket that may cost you some extra bucks.

It's good to be the early bird as long as you are certain about your plans. But if not, it's better to wait for a better deal.


These are a few things that you must not overlook while booking flight tickets. Online flight booking is a great option of saving money, but it may cost you a lot if you are not seasoned with it. It's better to do your homework before proceeding for online flight booking.