I've always been rather thin and can wear regular Misses size 10-12.  I have a difficult time deciding what is appropriate clothing for my age. I have a few party tresses that go just above the knee but the rest of my dresses go to the middle of the knee. My question is about those fit and flair dresses tight waist and flaired skirt. What is too old for one of the dresses? The same for pleated skirts. Right now in the summer in Houston I'm wearing the "hippy chick" tie dye flaired from the arm embroidered dresses because they are the coolest thing for the weather. I don't wear dresses to work but the idea of appropriate clothing for a thin 58 year old (5'6", 140-150 pounds) has always somewhat baffled me.  I have been very fashion savy in the past but as I get older, it gets a little more confusing.