I was born in 1946 and my coming of age started with Russia's launch of Sputnik.  The government selected students to study math and science so that we would be the first on the moon.  We accomplished that and we fought for civil rights and those of us in California fought for the rights of farmworkers. Next, we marched against the Vietnam war and we toppled a sitting president. Women's rights were an issue we supported and Tom Peters wrote about our tricks to make American companies great--my favorite story being that GM engineers smuggled a train engine out of the plant and then redesigned it.  Now, we are in our twilight years and we voted for Trump whose whole agenda is about being a victim. We are the victims because the Mexicans are taking our jobs and the people from the Middle East are blowing us up.  Trump takes no responsibility because everyone is doing something to him.  What caused us to change?