BorgWarner is developing new clutch automation technology to achieve the electromechanical process of the manual gearbox, which has entered the final stage. Active manual gearbox clutch, the use Sensor of an actuator and electrical control parts, designed to enhance its fuel economy and reduce emissions, but also for the user to retain the traditional manual gearbox shift experience.

   The company has deployed a gearbox system for its demonstration vehicles and conducted testing activities throughout Europe. In the development process, the engineers to control the start and stop operation, to avoid the driver in the traffic congestion caused by frequent depression of the left leg pedal, resulting in leg fatigue. OEM is very interested in the application, the system is currently Temperature Sensor in a progressive development stage, is the dry clutch and wet clutch to assess. BorgWarner will showcase its new propulsion technology for diesel locomotives, hybrids and electric vehicles at the IAA show in Frankfurt in 2017. ATMC technology is included in the company's electrification technology portfolio.

  The company admitted that the manual gearbox and autopilot support system integration, the task is really not simple. Joel Maguire, director of advanced engineering electrification of BorgWarner, revealed that the temptation of the automatic clutch was that the device could be involved in vehicle operation in an emergency and the company was trying to develop the equipment. Although BorgWarner's control algorithms and friction materials must be mature enough to achieve automatic operation. Maguire pointed out that the system needs to be 'smart' and can cooperate with Speed Sensor an automatic emergency braking system. In case of an emergency, the clutch is released and the vehicle can be safely stopped, To avoid danger.