Bosch acceleration sensor series, the introduction of this series of acceleration sensors will greatly promote the development of vehicle airbag system. Among them, Bosch is one of Germany's largest industrial enterprises, mainly engaged in automotive technology, industrial technology and consumer goods and Sensor construction technology industry. In 1886, when Robert Bosch founded the company in Stuttgart, he positioned the company as a 'precision machinery and electrical engineering plant.'
 Bosch acceleration sensor series is used SMA6xy sensor design platform, the design platform uses a standard form of packaging design. Bosch's new range of accelerometer sensors can be used not only for automotive airbag control units, but also Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor for vehicle front, side and tail and other peripheral applications. The new generation of Bosch accelerometer designed through the SMA6xy sensor design platform is fully compliant with Bosch's ASIC monitoring and management mechanism for its automotive airbag system.

    The Bosch peripheral sensor interface 5 contains multiple versions of the sensor, which can range from 120 g, 240 g and 480 g (models SMA68x and SMA69x acceleration sensors can measure up to 480 g, where g is gravitational acceleration). Bosch accelerator series can not only the traditional sense of the x, y direction of the measurement, but also can be z direction of the acceleration measurement. Therefore, the Bosch acceleration sensor series can be completed in three-dimensional direction of the measurement, the sensor in the direction of measurement requirements, the acceleration sensor can be a perfect solution to the problem. It is precisely because Bosch accelerometer series can achieve three-dimensional direction Temperature Sensor of the measurement, which for the car airbag system designers to provide a great convenience. Compared to the older models of acceleration sensors, this new generation of Bosch accelerometer response time is shorter, the reaction time can reach 10 microseconds, it is due to shorten the reaction time and greatly improve the protection of vehicle protection system.

   Bosch SPI interface sensor design installed in the car airbag control unit, the measurement range can reach 120g (model SMA66x acceleration sensor measurement range can reach 120g), and its reading resolution can reach 12 (this is 2 of 12 Second party). Among them, SPI interface (Serial Peripheral Interface) is a synchronous serial peripheral interface. The car airbag system designer can detect the acceleration parameters of the object through the probe, and the probe will trigger Pressure Sensor the vehicle airbag when the sensor reading exceeds the threshold.

     All sensors in the Bosch SMA6xy product family are available in SOIC8n package configurations, including single-channel versions (x-directional, y-directional, z-directional) and dual-channel versions (x-y directional, y-z). In view of Bosch's latest generation of acceleration sensors will be used in automotive airbag system, and car airbag system has a high security requirements, therefore, the acceleration sensor has been rigorously reviewed, which passed the ISO 26262 standard ASIL Automotive Safety Integrity Level D. Among them, ISO 26262 standard according Speed Sensor to the degree of security risk to the system or system to determine a part of the division from A to D of the security requirements (ASIL, Automotive Safety Integrity Level, car safety integrity level), where D is the highest level, the need for the most Harsh security needs.