On the eve of the opening of the 2017 Frankfurt International Motor Show, the German Bosch Group demonstrated the 'automatic valet parking' solution developed by the company and the smart upgrade solution for cars. Bosch Group and Mercedes-Benz companies, will be located Sensor in Stuttgart, Germany, Mercedes-Benz Museum garage into an automatic parking garage, is expected to be open to the public in 2018, when the public can experience automatic parking.

   In this Mercedes-Benz museum garage, the vehicle can automatically 'find' the free parking spaces, and automatic parking into the place, without the need for people to drive. This system not only installed the vehicle can detect, identify the surrounding objects of the ultrasonic sensor, stereo video camera, radar sensors, garage also installed Bosch sensor equipment. As the entire garage parking will be automatically operated, between the car and the car can be closer, so you can save 20% of the parking space. 'There are already some garage operators Temperature Sensor who have expressed interest in Bosch to this set of automatic parking systems and can clearly see the market demand,' said Marcus Heine, a member of the board of directors of the Bosch Group, which is responsible for the automotive division.

   Automatic parking is an important milestone leading to unmanned roads. Many well-known international car prices, suppliers are actively developing automatic parking system, and in the Frankfurt Motor Show show the latest research and development results. Another technology that is focused on this show is that wireless cars are used in the future. The future of the car will be updated Pressure Sensor with the same time as the smartphone. After the update, the owner can activate some new features such as automatic parking, lane To maintain the auxiliary driving function.