Bosch's newest bridge will be the original three independent powertrain components - motor, inverter and transmission components into a compact unit, direct drive axle. The design not only improves Sensor the energy efficiency of the powertrain, but also makes its price more economical.

   With this bridge, Bosch is the principle of integration is gradually applied to the powertrain system. Because of the innovative integration of the powertrain system, this new powertrain system will open up potentially huge markets for Bosch. The entire system has a high degree of flexibility, and the bridge can be installed on a number of models on the market, such as (plug-in) hybrid and pure electric vehicles, including compact cars, SUVs, and even light commercial vehicles. Bosch offers a customized powertrain solution for each car manufacturer, and customers will need time-consuming development Temperature Sensor of new components or systems. At present, this new bridge samples have been tested by customers, is expected to begin mass production in 2019. In the Chinese market, this innovative technology has also been recognized by customers, is expected to begin mass production in 2020. At present, Bosch has adopted a flexible and versatile manufacturing concept for this system on a global scale. This set of manufacturing ideas ensures that every customer can get a customized solution that can be quickly integrated into the car manufacturer's production process.

  The powertrain output power of 50-300 kW, can drive SUV and other large vehicles, and the bridge torque of 1000-6000 Nm. When the hybrid car with the electric car installed the product, or will achieve the front axle drive or rear axle drive. The electric drive shaft has a power output of 150 kW and a weight of about 90 kg, well below the total weight of the three powertrain components. Bosch Bridge's unique selling point is its wide applicability, applicable to a variety of models. 'There is no need for a lot of specifications to provide Speed Sensor a few parameters, and Bosch can produce custom bridges,' said Dr. Mathias Pilin, executive vice president, Bosch Electric Transportation Business. 'Customers only need to determine the required performance, torque and The installation space, Bosch will be able to optimize the rest of the powertrain system according to the parameters provided, so that a complete set of custom powertrain systems can be directly docked to the car manufacturer 's assembly line.

  Bosch bridge with a minimum power of 50kW, the maximum power to 300kW, to meet such as SUV such a large vehicle pure electric drive, the torque range of 1,000 to 6,000Nm. If the system is assembled in hybrid and pure electric vehicles, front and rear axle drive can be achieved. And a 150kW electric shaft weighs only 90 kilograms, much less than the total weight of the drive system that is currently using stand-alone powertrain accessories. Compared with similar products, Bosch bridge is significant in both its high peak performance and excellent sustained performance. In other words, such an electric powertrain accelerates better performance and maintains a high speed state longer. The achievement of this goal is due to Bosch's new design of the entire system and changes to the motor and power electronics units. To achieve a higher overall energy efficiency, the energy efficiency of the individual components should be increased first. To this end, Bosch uses its many years of accumulated experience Throttle Position Sensor and reduce the high-voltage cables, plugs, cooling devices and other components, to minimize energy consumption. Bosch's new generation of bridge products is still in the development stage, the company is related to the global car business related to contact. More precisely, the bridge sample is in a stand-by state and is undergoing product testing. It is expected that mass production will be achieved by 2019 at the latest. The Bosch bridge can be used for multiple types of vehicles. When the hybrid car and electric car installed the product, or will achieve the front axle drive or rear axle drive, the maximum vehicle for the vehicle weight of 7.5 metric tons, so passenger cars and light trucks can also use the product.

   The bridge integrates motors, inverters and transmission components into a compact unit, reducing the number of components required. In addition, the structure of the cooling system is simplified, without the need for a bearing for the rotating parts, while reducing the cost while improving its energy efficiency. The location of the transmission parts of the bridge is closer Pressure Switch to the motor, saving installation space. For the automotive industry, space saving is also an important consideration.