Comfort, personalization, interconnection - Boozer in the International Auto Show through a concept car will be put into operation to demonstrate the door and the seat between the intelligent interconnection. This car can identify the driver. When the driver is near, the door Sensor will automatically open, the front seat side of the pad will sink, so that the driver on the train. As a result, Boze will be on the car to enhance the comfort of the unprecedented level, at the same time, projection on the ground welcome lamp will also bring a great experience.

   Boze has been committed to continuous improvement of electric - side door drive, and strive to give users more comfort experience. With the help of a smartphone or by gesture, the electric side door drive can open and close the straight door, even in the ramp and tilt position can be easily completed. In the present it seems that this may be just a comfortable function, and in the future autonomous driving vehicles, it will become an indispensable element. If the passenger does not properly close the door when the vehicle is off, then the electric side door drive can play its role. The drive is installed in a conventional door stopper position and can also be provided to the user as a special optional accessory. And, due to the use of standardized components, this product can be based on different customer requirements or the actual situation fuel metering valve of the vehicle to adjust flexibly. This product will be launched in 2020 by mass production.

  Boze has been able to achieve the perfect combination of mechanical, electrical and electronic technology, and is committed to this advantage towards the field of sensor technology to expand. At this show, Boozer brought a more powerful door opening and closing system: the system includes an electrically open door lock and a radar sensor installed in the door, the sensor can open the door to identify obstacles , And stop the movement before the collision occurs. As the anti-clip protection device, the door of the capacitive sensor effectively improve the safety of the door. With the light signal on the door and the trunk door, Boze firmly grasped the development trend of the interconnection between the driver and the car. In addition to bringing distinctive features, these features can also be used to identify vehicles in car sharing.

   In order to improve the operating comfort of large and small car trunk doors, Boze introduced a new trunk door drive device: the device is located in the trunk door gooseneck hinge, through the steel wire shaft and drive Device connected. With the motor's separate design, the drive has very low operating noise and is more flexible. Boze this mechanical and electrical integration experts Temperature Sensor in this innovative solution, the effective use of their own in the field of glass lifter proprietary technology. The application of the standard-component has brought significant cost advantages and has enabled this comfort feature to be used in vehicles other than limousines.

   Boise's exhibition at the Frankfurt International Motor Show highlights the perfect combination of doors and seat functions, which, as a whole, opens the door to a new driver's experience. The side cushions of the seats can be automatically sinking to allow the driver to get on the train. Seat belts and seat belt locks are automatically close to the driver, thus simplifying the lace operation. With the aid of a sensing device, the new four-headed headrest can be adjusted according to the height and posture of the passenger. The four-way headrest regulator is integrated into the headrest without the need to utilize the structural space within the backrest, and this design concept provides Throttle Position Sensor the manufacturer with the greatest space to play. The next stage of the automotive industry's comfort R \u0026 D stage goal is to provide a vibratory massage service for passengers under the rhythm of the music. A specially developed algorithm converts the sound of a sound device into a rhythmic massage. Thus allowing passengers to enjoy more music.
   In many car manufacturers view, this feature has become a very popular consumer demand. At the 2017 Frankfurt International Auto Show, Boozer demonstrated another very practical use of the technology: as an alarm signal. Through vibration, the driver can directly perceive the dangerous situation, can also be used to provide support for the lane to maintain this auxiliary function.