Dongfeng Motor Corporation and Renault - Nissan Union signed a contract, the two sides will be based on the existing cooperation, the other set up Yi Jie Special Limited, the main production and sale of new energy vehicles. Previously, the public and JAC, Daimler and Beiqi, Ford and the Thai have been hand. However, the face of multinational companies in China set off this round of new energy vehicles joint venture tide, many people also expressed concern. Worry about whether the new round of joint venture will repeat the 'traditional fuel vehicle joint venture' mistakes. Early for the development of the automobile industry, China's 'market for technology' policy, the establishment of a large number of joint ventures. As a result, the Chinese side not only did not exchange for technology to promote the development of independent brands, but also Sensor a huge market hand over, the lesson is not profound. But in the economic globalization today, the absolute exclusion of joint ventures is not desirable, but also contrary to the concept of open development. The key lies in the new energy vehicle joint venture can not follow the previous model, take the old road. Should 'take me as the main' to enhance the level of industrialization, the real power of the car to the country forge ahead

    As China's relatively early to the new energy vehicles to the national strategy, enterprises have a certain first-mover advantage, coupled with the world's largest auto market for support, which gives China in the electric vehicle industry to establish independent intellectual property rights, cultivate their own brand Provides a rare historical opportunity for the formation of a global competitiveness of the new energy automotive industry to create a better condition. If you simply promote the joint venture in this area, China's government and enterprises over the years in the field of new energy vehicles to form the accumulation of technology, is likely to lose its useful. In the economic globalization, trade and investment more and more liberalization and convenience of today, a highly competitive industry is absolutely excluded from the joint venture is not desirable, but also contrary Temperature Sensor to the concept of open development. I believe that the Government to allow Chinese and foreign car prices are no problem, the key issue is that our new energy vehicle joint venture can not take the old road, can not follow the previous model, so that the Chinese side to 'processing plant', but to ' Master ', make full use of international technology, capital, human resources and other resources to enhance the level of domestic new energy automotive industry, the real power of the car to the car power forward.

   On the one hand, we must grasp the strategic resources of the brand. When we set up a joint venture company, the fundamental interests of the demands on the introduction of technology and products, ignoring the importance of the brand. For decades, both Chinese and foreign parties work together to build some of the less well-known brands in the international market, forming a strong brand influence and premium, creating a huge profit, and some have in the minds of the people have more Big influence of the independent brand was 'frozen', or even disappeared, it is really sad.

Brand is the enterprise hard power and soft power of the carrier, it is a combination of two kinds of strength and external performance. 'Do not have their own brand, how many cars are made by others brilliant', the new energy vehicles is even more so. Therefore, in this round of joint ventures, China must be from a higher strategic level of attention to the cultivation of its own brand. Notice that the competitiveness Pressure Sensor of enterprises is based on the brand, rather than simply to scale to measure. For a business, the lack of technology and products may be able to replace, if the brand appears a big slip, the loss can not be measured and make up.

On the other hand, to strengthen the control of core technology. Thanks to the strong support of the government, China's new energy vehicles not only the scale of production and sales ranks first in the world, enterprise technology capabilities have made significant progress, some product performance has been comparable with foreign advanced products. Technology is an important support for the product, no core technology breakthrough, it is impossible to cultivate a revolutionary product. Therefore, in the joint venture, including the battery, motor, electronic control and other 'three electricity' technology, as well as charging, vehicle manufacturing and other important technologies, must be 'to me' to maintain absolute leadership. China only through continuous improvement of core technology, and foreign common development to meet the needs Pressure Switch of the market products, the formation of its own advantages of new energy automotive products and technical standards system, it is possible in the international market competition in the real mastery of the right to win the market competitive advantage And others respect.