upi wanted to make this a discussion of it's own. Branflake brought up Auras in the 'Welcome' thread saying:

"Do you believe there are auras? I have seen them since the beginnings of my memories. At first I would tell mama that the pink/fuzzy lady was so nice. She did not understand that I was referring to the colors surrounding her. I would tell her that the tree by the house seemed to be dying and she laughed, then the tree did die about a year later. It looked all dark around it. Well.....I still see aura's...I can not control the when,where and what of my seeing.....it comes and goes. What do y'all think?"
(Since that was public i figure i'm ok reposting here for purposes of getting more input for her.)

i gave a brief answer there, which you might want to take a quick look at but really wanted to spotlight the topic.  Sometimes they get 'lost' when brought up in a different kind of thread.

Anyone else see auras? Consistently, frequently or just occasionally? Any pattern to the ones you can see? For example, i tend to see the extremes, positive and negative, not just random auras.
Have you always seen them? Some people see them only when at 'high vibration' (ie when they've been meditating/praying regularly), others see them ALL the time.

Some people feel they are related to the Kirilian field and i think that's a real possibility since all living things do have one, including plants. But how can it be just a physiological phenomena when, at least in humans, there are clear links between the colors/size/shape of aura and the spiritual state of the person. One of the handful of auras i've ever seen was that of Jose Silva (developer of Silva Method of Meditation). It extended some 8ft around him and was the most beautiful blue--what i tend to think of as 'spiritual' blue. It also had a very calming effect on any one within it.  At a Silva convention he sat down in front of me and my then 4 yr old twins, 1 of whom was very restless, climbing around the theater style seats. Within 5 minutes of Jose Silva sitting in front of us, without a word being spoken my restless son sat in his seat and became as calm and interested in the proceedings as his twin.

Don't feel you have to answer all the questions i've listed---just the ones that are relevant to you, and share anything else you wish to about auras, including any experiences you've had with seeing them. 

As i mentioned to Branflake...such things often come natural to children but adult reactions can cause them to suppress or 'fight' their natural perceptions. But that is a whole other topic and one we'll probably come back to often as parents/primary care givers are often the first to make a person feel 'abnormal' for what they see/hear/feel/know (precognitions and remote viewng).