As early as 2011, BMW Brilliance has started the development of new energy vehicles and the establishment of a high-voltage power battery laboratory. BMW Brilliance Shenyang Power Battery Center Sensor will be officially opened on October 24, its completion will further expand the BMW BMW in the field of new energy competitive advantage. BMW Brilliance selected local battery companies Ningde era as a battery supplier, Shenyang high-voltage battery center put into operation, BMW Brilliance will become China's first high-voltage battery production line of luxury car manufacturers.

   Brilliance BMW's power battery assembly plant in the existing factory in Brilliance BMW Co., Ltd. existing areas of the new plant, increase equipment for the production Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor of new energy vehicles supporting power. All projects cover an area of ​​6480 square meters, with a total investment of 324.13 million yuan, after production is mainly used for the production of G38 high-energy battery pack, with an annual capacity of 33,000 sets. The production of the high-energy battery pack will include the battery module, which consists of a battery, a battery connection system (ZKS), a pressure plate, a tension plate, an insulating foil, a double-sided tape and a heat conducting plate, all of which are required BMW Brilliance high-voltage battery center simultaneously for production.

   530Le will be based on the new generation of 5 series is also based on the CLAR platform to build, the overall appearance and general gasoline version of the basic consistent, the new car is expected to officially launched in the first half of next year. The appearance of the new car with a family of dual-kidney grille and open-eye-type headlamps seamless design of the car design to make the vehicle more visual effects, but the headlamps are still equipped with highly recognizable angel eyes, and in the Internal use of LED light source. New car front face Temperature Sensor at the bottom of the long fog lamp instead of the cash fog lights. In addition, the new generation of 530Le is different from the cash model is located on the left side of the fender at the charging port was moved to the front of the car.

   The new generation of 530Le will be equipped with 2.0T engine and an electric motor, of which 2.0T engine maximum power of 138 kilowatts, the fastest speed can reach 225 kilometers per hour. The new car's fuel consumption per hundred kilometers is only 2.0 liters.