Arguably Australia’s most up-and-coming city, Brisbane has been experiencing fast growth in recent years but still manages to offer the best balances of environment versus urbanisation. This phenomenon makes it one of the most pleasant places to visit. From unforgettable adventures to theme parks, unique wildlife, spectacular beaches and the world’s largest coral reef, this is an incredibly exciting place to spend your entire holiday.

So today, some of the major tourist attractions near the city. Read on and enhance your knowledge and have great fun on your next visit to this beautiful place.

Mount Coot-tha Botanic Gardens

Located seven kilometres from the city, the Mount Coot-tha Botanic Gardens are a fantastic attraction for both the locals and the visitors. It provides a remarkable vantage point to view Brisbane and even beyond. It covers a fifty-two hectares of horticulture, comprising of the largest collection of Australian trees; the gardens also accommodate fragrant plants, cactus, bamboo, indigenous plants, wetland plants as well as ferns among others.

Created amongst the uniquely manicured gardens and nestled in the natural bushland of the Brisbane Forest Park, are the Summit Bar and Restaurant, Kuta Cafe, Function Center and an observation deck. During the day, you can capture the striking views of the city and right out to Moreton Bay. Moreover, Mount Coot-tha has numerous picnic areas, fully equipped with gas barbeques.

Moreton Island

Located fifty-eight kilometres from Brisbane and easily accessible by ferry, this island offers the perfect day trip. Moreton Island delivers amazing and fascinating scenery. Rocky outcrops, massive sand dunes, lonely lighthouses and beautiful beaches and wild forests.

Moreton is a home to a variety of vegetation and wildlife, with approximately ninety-eight percent of it, declared a National Park. If you didn’t know, some of the most amazing freshwater lakes, rugged cliffs and coloured sands are located on Moreton Island. If you are an ardent swimmer, you can enjoy a dip from any of the different beaches. Again, the sand dunes at this Island are one of the most striking features, with Mount Tempest, in particular, regarded as the highest coastal dune on the globe at 286 meters above the sea level. With the historical site, the crystal clear waters, a variety of wildlife and fascinating landscapes, the attractions and activities offered by Moreton Island are endless.

Cruise the Brisbane River

It is crucial to note that Brisbane River has its headwaters in the Brisbane range, nearly 25 km northeast of Nanango and over 135 km from central Brisbane. It has lots of tributaries along with a host of smaller streams.

With the warm and the sub-tropical climate of Brisbane coupled with the incredible riverside sights, locals and visitors should not miss out on taking a cruise down the river. These cruises include the Kookaburra Showboat Cruises, River City Cruises as well as the Miramar a the Koala river cruise. Each particular cruise offers an array of appealing packages; all meant to make your river experience worthwhile.

The Fraser Island

Fraser Island is a unique part of the Fraser Coast area, and its unusual formation of the rainforest and sand makes it a great source for visitors to explore. The island is located off the coast of Queensland, approximately three hundred and fifty kilometres north of Brisbane with trips and cruises organised daily. Although the place is popular among 4WD enthusiasts and fishers, it is perhaps the history and the rich heritage which gives the island its character, expressed through different, freshwater lakes, amazing coloured sand cliffs and diverse wildlife and flora.

Because the island is vast, it may not be possible to explore every inch of its beauty. However, just a taste of it can potentially leave you charmed and captivated. Captivated due to its rich Aboriginal heritage and fascinating European history and charmed because of the unique environment that it offers. The brush box trees and towering satiny are some of the forest giants, with some as old as a hundred years. Again, the island is a home to more than two hundred species of birds, not only one of the largest but the most varied in Australia.

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Located twelve kilometres from Brisbane City, Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is the largest koala sanctuary in the world, with over 135 koalas. A visit to this place will make for a memorable experience. Wildlife in the sanctuary includes Tasmanian, koalas, kangaroos, echidnas, wombats various species of reptiles as well as the platypus, which arrived at the sanctuary in 2010 from the Healesville Sanctuary. As a visitor, you are allowed to hold the koalas freely.

However, there are regulations which ensure that each particular koala is not held more than thirty minutes daily.You can also pet and feed the free roaming kangaroos. Additionally, the region has some colourful cockatoos and Australian parrots and birds such as emus, kookaburras and cassowaries.

Kuranda Scenic Railway and Skyrail Rainforest Cableway

Experience one of the most incredible rail journeys in Brisbane, steeped firmly in Australian pioneer history. Rising three hundred and twenty-eight meters above the sea level, you’ll enjoy the luscious rainforest views of the Kuranda range, particularly with a ride on the Scenic Railway. The journey will allow you to have a glimpse of the world heritage protected the tropical rainforest, the spectacular and beautiful waterfalls and the awesome Barron Gorge.

To be more precise, the Kuranda Scenic Rail journey lasts for one and a half hours and includes an English commentary covering both the history of the region and the railway. Additionally, the Dreamtime story of Buda-DJI, the old creature, is narrated on a daily basis. If you didn’t know, the Buda-DJI refers to the carpet snake, which, during the Dreamtime, carved out of the river Barron and the creeks which join onto it, from the Tablelands to the coast. This is a lifetime experience that one should not miss.

Longreach, Central Queensland

The Longreach region has a lot to offer; from the Qantas museum and Stockman’s Hall to river cruises, station visits to Scenic lights, you’ll have so much to do here. Enjoy the beauty of the natural landscapes cruising the Thompson River and experience the breathtaking outback sunset on the river. Again, you’ll have a chance to enjoy world-class entertainment during the evening shows. In short, Longreach is not just a town, but a way of life, and perhaps that is why many locals and visitors alike typically flock the area during the winter for a pleasant experience.

The Bottom Line

Without a doubt, Brisbane is the most biodiverse city in Australia. From the hinterland to the Bayside, there is no shortage of the main attraction sites to visit and explore. The mild subtropical coupled with a sophisticated yet a relaxed culture attracts a large number of visitors across the globe.