No-bag vacuum cleaner investor, British billionaire James Dyson said his company is currently building an electric car, is expected to be released in 2020. Tesla's electric car has made Sensor the electric car market changes, and Dyson said his company will invest 2 billion pounds for solid-state battery technology and vehicle design research and development work.

    Dyson said that over the past 20 years, the company has been for vacuum cleaners and other products to develop new battery and motor technology. He speaks of battery and motor technology for Dyson, which is also important for environmental protection. The company has been in the development of related technologies one day to build an electric car. Dyson mentions that the company will eventually have Suction Control Valve the opportunity to integrate all the technology into a single product. 'The competition in the automotive industry is so fierce that we have to do our best to ensure that our products can win consumer trust,' he added.

   The team of 400 engineers has spent two and a half years developing the battery technology in Malmesbury, England, and will be used in the future of the company's design. The company will soon launch the electric car and Tesla, including car prices, including will be extremely 'different.' We have no reason to launch a very different models, the new car is neither a sports car nor a cheap car. He also hopes that Dyson's models will be able to stand out among the many electric cars, and the income generated by the electric car business will account Speed Sensor for the largest share of the company's revenue. The company has not yet decided on the site of the plant, but he also ruled out the possibility of cooperation with other car prices.

    The British government said in a report that it was funding a new electric car company with an investment of £ 174 million and an increase of more than 500 jobs. Dyson also from the Aston Martin and Jaguar Land Rover and other companies to tap talent. Aston Martin Former Purchasing Director David Wyer announced in August that he had joined Dyson as Director of Purchasing. Jaguar Land Rover SVO Platform Engineering Manager Benjamin Strong Throttle Position Sensor also joined Dyson as Operations Manager in May.