There are many models of sewing machines from different brands that are available in the market and the Brother se400 sewing machine is one of the amazing inventions for modern sewing and embroidery units. In this Brother se400 review we shall have a look at why this particular model is your best bet for all your sewing and embroidery needs.

This computerized embroidery machine offers a plethora of amazing features as you would expect from a high end unit. With the many perks that this sewing unit has to offer, it can indeed be intimidating when it comes to operating the machine. If you are new to embroidery or even sewing, having a machine that is difficult to understand is something that you would not want to experience. However, in spite of the fact that the Brother se400 unit performs a ton of functions, it is easy to use for those that take the time to read the manuals carefully. The unit also comes with a DVD illustrating how to perform certain tasks and it even has an automatic warning system that alerts you if anything goes wrong, like for instance when you run out of thread.

What makes this machine a great sewing and embroidery unit simply boils down its capabilities and functions, and therefore it is important to know what you can expect from the se400 Brother sewing machine.

Features of the Brother SE400 embroidery machine review

Being a computerized sewing machine, this unit comes with an LCD touch display with easy selection interface that allows you to choose embroidery designs without difficult. It also features a USB port which allows you to import designs from your computer and use them on your outfits. The machine has 67 built in stitches, 98 stitch functions and five built-in fonts, all of which make it easy to create attractive embroidery designs. With so many stitch options to play with, it is easy to manipulate designs and come up with your own. This makes it an enjoyable tailoring tool to have. Setting up embroidery is also quite easy with this machine as it features an automatic threader as well as easy bobbin and winding system for easy sewing.  In addition, there is an embroidery software that comes as an optional accessory and this is one of the must have tools that you should get if you intend to stretch your creativity in designing unique and beautiful embroidery embellishments.

One of the strong aspects though about this machine is the ability to sew through thick fabrics and multiple layers of fabric. A lot of sewing machines refuse to budge when sewing through thick fabrics, so this is a major plus for the Brother se400 machine that is worth noting.

Although this machine may seem a bit complex, spending a bit of time trying to get accustomed to the functionalities is highly recommended. This will enable you not to give up when learning how to operate the machine.

What are some of the accessories that come separate from the machine?

Other than the many aforementioned features of the Brother se400 unit, there are additional accessories that can be purchased machine.  These include but not limited to items such as extra spool pins, bobbins, needle sets, cleaning brush, eyelet punch, spool caps, touch pens and more. These additional items allow you to make full use of the machine.

Keep in mind also that this modern embroidery and sewing unit also comes with a 25-year limited warranty.