ECU is the car's control unit commonly known as driving the computer, the equivalent of the human brain is responsible for the vehicle control action. Brush ECU also known as brush hidden, the general joint venture car parameters are Sensor based on foreign adjustment, but to the domestic and under the road oil hidden part of the power, this time the brush ECU can brush out the original horsepower to restore it The strength of some.

There are some features in the high with the car only, in fact, with the low with the models are also some, but the manufacturers in order to control the consumption of this part of the hidden function, lock the set button, we can brush ECU way to unlock Increase the button, you can become a high with a key, such as a window, a key to the window, the cruise function Suction Control Valve to achieve the replacement version of the function.

Brush ECU advantage is to enhance the power to increase the function, the second can be appropriate to solve some problems, like some cars to adjust the problem of brush ECU solution shift power is not convergence. The disadvantage is that all the cars can brush ECU, and brush finished ECU4S shop is no longer warranty, there is brush the ECU car is likely to cause too much aging, the preservation rate is too low.

First: the brush is also the most popular way to brush the same mobile phone system, it belongs to the original set procedures to modify the program because it will not destroy other hardware, so it is relatively Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor high stability is more commonly used by many owners.

Second: plug-in way through the implantation of the various sensors to intercept the signal, to modify a bit like a cheat, as the performance of private car ECU is now more and more powerful, this approach is relatively difficult to operate relatively difficult, like The Great Wall of the H9 can be the old power of the plug-in brush ECU into a new power, increase the horsepower.

The last kind of replacement with the more is used for the game mode, like the explosion fuel metering valve  of vehicles and the like, but the technical requirements are relatively high.