Bubble football is exciting. The player's upper body until the knees are surrounded by a huge soft inflatable bubble inside the ball. These bubbles are flexible and can be seen directly to your feet. When you chase and try to kick the ball into the target, it's hard to keep your laughter because you meet and bounce back to the opponent.

The goal of the game:

¬ Put the football into the net (score a goal).

¬ When you try to beat the opponent, have fun.

This age limit is 10 years old, because it is a lot of physical, involving a bubble around the ball.

Game requirements:

¬ inflatable bubble ball, soccer, border mark, target (entry).

Depending on the number of players, the game is open to any player. It can be 4 pairs of 4,6 pairs of 6, or any other. But 5 to 5 is standard, and a small amount of substitutes can be accessed.

Bubble football can be played indoors and outdoors. Such as entertainment centers, parks, basketball courts, local grasslands free, no bars, rocks, glass and shells.

Bubble football is a perfect game for birthday parties, team building, church groups, corporate events, colleges, family reunions, etc. These are all you can make you feel happy and excited.

You may need the following to be more secure:

¢ Knee pad (making it easier for you to stand up because you can not use the arm).

¬ Referee protects you by guarding and interpreting the rules of the game.

The benefits of playing the game:

¬ improve your health, encourage the group to work and play with fun.

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