Baby Boomers,

Is it time?

Is there enough time?

Are you going to take time?

Why am I asking you these questions?

Let me ask you one more question.......

What have been the most rewarding experiences of your life?
Everyone now-a-days talks about their "Bucket List" especially folks our age.  If you are like me, somewhere around the ripe old age of 50, a nagging feeling started to grow that there will not be enough time to accomplish everything you would like to before the final curtain.  You think to yourself, what would be the most rewarding experiences you wish you could still have?
I've said it time and time again, it's OK to look back on your life and reminisce, but it's much better to keep looking forward. There are still tons of great experiences to achieve, no matter how big or small.

Well, the fine folks at Key Retirement sent me a wonderful infographic that will help us focus on the future even if we are over the age of 50.   They call it "The Ultimate Bucket List for Over 50's."  

Once again, if you are like me, you find things are getting more complicated as we age and it becomes harder to fulfill the dreams of completing our bucket list.  It might be health issues that slow you down.  It might be that your retirement "nest egg" took a beating during the recession.  It might be that you have elderly parents to care for.  Heck, it might even be that you cant find the time or can't get over a fear that keeps you from filling your bucket
Regardless of what is slowing you down, I recommend you never stop scratching things off your bucket list and always take the time to plan for your next adventure.  Always pursue happiness.

Whatever that happiness is:  It could be dreams of satisfying the inner nomad in you, starting that novel you’ve always wanted to write, tasting exotic foods, learning a new language or even starting your own business, use the suggestions below to help you get closer to your dreams.

Using survey data and a little imagination, Key Retirement produced this infographic offering bucket list ideas everyone should consider doing at least once. 


So, do you think the folks at Key Retirement came up with some great ideas?  This is not an exhaustive list and I'm sure the rest of your Baby Boomer Brethren would love to here your ideas and bucket list suggestions.  Please take a minute to add them to the comments below.

My Thanks to Alexandra Ashton from NeoMam Studios for sending me this great information and Laura Davis for putting it together