In artificial intelligence, Google's technology is recognized as the world's most cattle, ahead of other competitors in the same industry. As early as a few years ago, Google's unmanned vehicles have been on the road test, and traveled more than 40 kilometers, and then in May occurred in Wuzhen, Zhejiang sensational technology circle AlphaGo man-machine war, all kinds of actions Sensor are enough to reflect Google deep technology. So, regardless of where, Google should be the founder of the development of AI, and now it is considered less than the electrician started the Amazon. All the technology and innovation, are serving our daily life, AI is so The In other words, these technologies and innovations are to solve the problems we encounter in our daily lives, or to provide better and more convenient services on the basis of our present life. Then we will be based on the problems involved in these issues related to the improvement and innovation.
   Alibaba as an electrician giants, in their own areas of expertise - electric business sector, there have been some scenes of intelligent prototype. Amazon's smartphone Echo to 2014 after the introduction of low-key, quickly received a huge market response, as of now sales have broken 10 million, which accounted for the entire smart speaker market sales of 25% of the share. The Echo is the scene of the application, it can be used in television, refrigerator, lighting, air conditioning, water heaters and other daily intelligent equipment, and can also help you from online shopping, every day to get up and so on, are based on the daily scene Application. In addition, Echo is Alexa voice assistant Suction Control Valve  as the core, Alexa not only operating to the Echo, but also applied to other related intelligent systems and equipment, such as unmanned vehicles, Amazon has established a Alexa as the core of the ecological system.

  AI's technological innovation is based on the application scenario. Echo can get the market response, that is, it is relatively more land, can be applied to the usual application of the scene, it can connect our daily home intelligent equipment, lighting, television, refrigerator and so on. And Google, as a technology giant, pay more attention to AI technology innovation and AI future development research, such as Google's most typical two projects unmanned and AlphaGo, we see how it is technically Step by step breakthrough, and AI on the innovation, and did not see Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor any landing applications, even if AlphaGo victory over humans, then how can only say that Google is another innovation on the AI, for our application on the fundamental like water off a duck's back. Of course, every new thing had to innovate first, in order to be based on the floor, perhaps Google in the AI ​​is to play this role.

In addition, such as Baidu, some of its time before the release of DuerOS and Apllo, the former an open dialogue artificial intelligence operating system, can be used in mobile phones, televisions, lights, speakers, refrigerators and many other smart home equipment, but also Used in industrial production above. The latter is called the Android industry, simple, high-cost, low cost, and completely open, car manufacturers only need to copy the code can quickly assemble an automatic driving car. Two products look closer to life, more close to the market.

  A Niubi company, must have built a huge ecosystem, such as BAT, in their own areas to accumulate a large number of user data, will be involved in other areas, entertainment, takeaway, games, artificial intelligence and so on. So for an AI company is also the case, how to want to develop by leaps and bounds, you need to establish a huge ecological system, and in order to establish a huge AI ecological system, you need to meet the application scenarios, ecosystems, landing applications three needs The If you want to develop true digital intelligence, you need to develop an automated system where the car will be the first major commercial application to be grounded Throttle Position Sensor in all automation systems. Like today's mobile ecosystems, cars will bring greater ecosystems, the same capabilities, including hardware, sensors, chips and software, will be used to develop industrial robots and home robots, as well as a variety of such automation systems, Form a large ecological system.