Are you a renter interested in buying a home or a homeowner wondering whether renting makes more sense at this point in your life?

If yes, then it is the time to evaluate and know all the relative costs, benefits, and drawbacks of owning versus renting your home.

 Infographic - Why Building is better than renting

  • Renting is Dead Money

Its very clear that once the money is spent on rent, then probably that money is never going to be seen again.

  • Buying is future investment

If you go for a buying option, then surely it will serve you as a perfect future investment.

  • Renting does not build equity

One of the biggest problem or disadvantage with renting is that, it does not build any kind of equity or financial benefits for your future.

  • Safety and sustainability

Safety comes first in every regards. Therefore, if you buy and build your own house then you can easily fit all your desired priority list in your house, which is not possible in the case of a rented house.

  • Rent money versus mortgage payments

In several cases, the amount you pay for the mortgage is as equal to that of your renting bill, then why not buy your own property.

  • Building grants

Depending on your location and state policy, you can easily apply for various government grants while buying a home.

  • Create your dream home

Building your own home is an opportunity to build a home according to your preference and builders like coral homes allow its clients to customize the existing plans according to their desire and preferences.


So here comes an info graph which will give you a deep idea about the benefits of buying your own property.