When the car is running on bumpy sections, the windows of the body and the car are sounded, possibly because the parts of the body are long and there is a gap, resulting in a partial zero when the pavement is carried out or when the emergency braking state Sensor is Parts of the friction, issued abnormal sound. Should check the chassis screws and connectors tightness; window if the abnormal sound, you can shake the glass, clean the glass door at the door of the rubber seal, you can use a wet cloth into the middle of the two rubber wipe, until the dust removed , Abnormal sound can basically eliminate.

   When driving the car found in the open air conditioning when the steering wheel and dashboard are shocking phenomenon, there may be because after the air conditioning due to the engine load increases, will produce some vibration, but need to confirm that the vibration is not normal vibration, if the engine Poor work, the engine bracket loose, air conditioning pump vibration Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor is too large or electronic fan imbalance usually bring abnormal vibration, it is recommended to go to 4S shop for further inspection.

   Vehicles in the normal driving circumstances, the front brake brake pads life of 30,000 to 50,000 km, after the brakes brake life of 120,000 to 150,000 km. Brake plate replacement of the best time, disc brakes the thickness of the brakes can be used to step on the brake plate to check, and the drum brake brake shoe on the brake pad thickness inspection will have to brake shoes from the brake pull Out. However, both the brake pads on the disc brakes and the brakes on the drum brakes, the manufacturer specifies that the thickness should not be less than 1.2mm, as all actual measurements indicate ABS Sensor that the brake pads are worn and peeled off before or after 1.2mm Faster. So the owner should check and replace the brake pads on the brake at this time or before.

    Reversing radar failure mainly occurs in the radar sensor. In order to be more secure when parking, please go to 4S shop or repair shop repair can be resolved. Sensor industry with the rise of the Internet of Things in recent years, the rapid development of industry development trend is good. With the development of autopilot vehicles Pressure Switch and more intelligent devices, the demand for sensor products will continue to increase.