With the red light, traffic jams, etc., the engine automatically flameout, and when the car to continue to move forward, the system automatically restart the engine of a set of high-powered car with automatic Sensor start and stop the technical function is in the car driving process encountered temporary parking, system.

The working principle is when the driver brakes, the car completely stopped for about 2 seconds the engine will automatically turn off the engine automatically stop the rotation need to meet a few conditions, the first engine in the idle and no hanging block, anti-lock system wheel speed sensor display Zero and electronic battery sensors show enough energy to start the next time. For example, the system is not active even when the engine is idling, but when the wheels are moving (parked on slopes, causing the car to slip due to gravity), and for example, when the battery is detected, the system is not active. In the stop Suction Control Valve and stop the road suggested that the system or turn off the system, or the load of the engine is very large, but GM can not afford to off.

   High head with automatic headlights When the outside light is dark when the headlamps will automatically light up; when the outside light when the headlamp will automatically turn off. Automatic headlights are installed for the headlights of the photosensitive control system, the central intelligent control box according to the light sensor to determine the brightness of light changes, so as to control the automatic light or extinguished headlights. More advanced cars and 'with you home, welcome' and other functions, that is, in the remote control key to open the vehicle at the same time, headlights simultaneously open; when the remote control key to the vehicle lock, the lights turn off, Pavement, quite forced to grid. Rearview mirror automatic anti-glare to prevent the rear of the car too strong light exposure in the car rearview mirror, affecting the driver's attention, can passively deal ABS Sensor with those 'light dog'. It has two photodiodes, which are mounted on the front and back of the rearview mirror, respectively, which accept the light from the front and rear of the car. When the rear of the car lights in the car on the rearview mirror, the signal from the two light-sensitive tube can be compared to determine the light behind the light in front, so the electronic controller will apply voltage to the rearview mirror Mirror of the ionosphere, its color becomes darker, behind the light will be shot by the mirror to absorb a large part of the rest of the light reflected to the driver's eyes become more soft.
The same time as the above-

   Keyless entry system as long as the driver who has the car's smart key, when entering a certain range, do not press the unlock button will be able to open the door, rear door and so on. Keyless entry is the use of wireless transmission of the frequency of the signal issued to form the instructions to operate. When the vehicle key enters a frequency that can be received by the low frequency antenna on the vehicle, it will feed back an RF signal containing the authorization code, and only if the RF signal is a valid key from the vehicle. A popular example is that when you are near the door, the car asks you a question, and when you answer the answer it has set in advance, the door is unlocked, but the process is not in our time The inside has been completed.

It allows the car in the case of hand brake does not apply to the slope on the start, the right foot away from the brake pedal after the car can continue to keep the brake for a few seconds, so that drivers can have enough time to brake from the brake on the throttle to prevent the car have an accident. When the car parked on the ramp did not step on the gas, in a quiescent state, hanging outside the P block gear, parking brake did not pull up, to meet these conditions when the uphill auxiliary on the start. When you want to start, even if your foot off the brake system involved in the work is equivalent to the brake or stepped, when the foot step on the throttle, the system Throttle Position Sensor on the brake control is automatically over, and not about to remove all the braking force, But gradually reduce the braking force, so the car can be as you step on the throttle to start steadily.